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The Healing Power of Silence

Another beautiful article from our former SOLT General Superior, Sr. Anne Marie Walsh

The Healing Power of Silence
We live in a wilderness, a wilderness of noise.Noise is not just about sound.It has to do with the constant barrage of stimulation to our senses, emotions and even our intellect, (read information overload.)The problem with all this noise, pure and simple, is that it is an obstacle to our own inner order and peace, and more importantly, to a living communion with God and with others.
For some reason, many of us either seem afraid of silence, or, more likely, we have lost familiarity with the wonders of silence.Yet it is essential to our physical and spiritual well-being. Authentic silence is not emptiness.Things come to us in the silence.We hear new languages. We are visited by penetrating peace, insight, God Himself, His wisdom, light, His perception and understanding.In authentic silence we hear new sounds and enter new worlds.In silence we come to know our own hearts.
It i…

A Monday Laugh For You...

In case you are like me on a Monday afternoon, sitting at a desk with a formidable amount of work to do but would RATHER laugh over something silly, please enjoy this link that features Amazon's funniest product reviews.

Thanks to Jennifer @conversiondiary for tweeting this out.

Shalom Catholic Media...

There is a new Catholic media network in the works that will debut very soon! Shalom Media has been hugely successful in India and now they are launching their first English speaking station later this winter! The website:

Check out the promo below:

Also, if you are looking for a one-day retreat full of beauty and grace, come to one of their Shalom Festivals in a town near you! I will see you there!

The Necessity of Beauty

Beauty is necessary. We need it, long for it and are made for it.

I was particularly struck by an article Archbishop Chaput wrote earlier this summer about the evidential power of beauty. In it, he mentions the power of creation in revealing the beauty of God and quotes Russian author Dostoyevsky, "Beauty is the battlefield where God and Satan contend for the hearts of men."

Indeed. And it's a battlefield for a reason.

If you read the dictionary definition of beautiful, you will find:
beau·ti·ful/ˈbyutəfəl/Show Spel[byoo-tuh-fuhl]
1.havingbeauty; possessingqualitiesthatgivegreatpleasureorsatisfactiontosee,hear,thinkabout,etc.;delightingthesensesormind:abeautifuldress;abeautifulspeech. 2.excellentofitskind:abeautifulputtontheseventhhole;Thechefservedusabeautifulroastofbeef. 3.wonderful;verypleasingorsatisfying. We all long for this satisfaction of seeing, hearing and thinking about what is delightful and pleasing. We are made for excellence and wonder. We are made…

Mesmerizing Beauty...

This video is incredible. The beauty of God's creation is astounding and awe-inspiring. The footage featured in the video is all time-lapse photography taken from South Dakota landscape. Wow.

Street Fighter: Church Edition

Happy Friday!
You know you played this game at a pizza parlor as a kid. Just probably not this particular edition..... :)

(lol, are these people for real??...)