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Dignity of a Person

Here is a link to a document written by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith concerning the dignity of a person.
Good stuff, read it.

Christmas Thoughts from our General Superior

Beautiful Reflection on Celibacy

Here are some excerpts from Cardinal Arinze's book on priestly celibacy and other aspects of the priestly life.

Happy Wednesday

You will love this. Our novices are awesome! lol!

Vatican News

Pope Benedict's message for World Day of Peace "Fight Poverty to Build Peace"

Christ brings new hope and splendor

The nearness of the Lord is the reason for our joy

Sr. Megan's Reflections on Ghana Visit

Our Canonical Novice Servant, Sr. Megan Mary Thibodeau, just visited Ghana with one of her novices who is from the area (Sr. Rejoice). The following is a short reflection Sr. Megan gave about her trip. I think you will find it beautiful and inspiring.

"Peace. I know so many of you were praying for me during my trip to Ghana and I wanted to share with you a few of the highlights.... So, Ghana was glorious. It was non-stop activity for 2 weeks but that is not a complaint. They showed me more than I ever could have imagined and I feel like I got a little glimpse at what real life is like there. We landed in Accra the capital and then drove about 12 hours north to Damongo. The last 100kms was on the worst road I've ever been on....more like a riverbed than a road. We stayed at a "bungalow" (little compound) that belongs to the diocese with the 3 women who are coming this week to begin formation. They are good, faithful women and lots of fun too! They laughed at me m…

America's troubled teen girls

This is a real and tragic portrait of many American teen girls. Read this article. We as women must come to a healing within our own femininity and maternity to pass along to our young girls. They desperately need to see true womanhood in the world today. They deserve better than the trash the world is trying to feed them.

May Our Lady of Guadalupe intercede for women all over the world.

Truth comes out..

Check out this article about a Planned Parenthood employee encouraging an undercover reporter to lie in order to protect a rapist. Protecting the rights of women? I think not.

Women deserve better than abortion.

Planned Parenthood's idea of a Merry Christmas

Planned Parenthood clinics in certain states are selling gift certificates for purchase during the Christmas season that can be used for abortions. Read more here. Wrong, just wrong.

Cloistered Communities

They pray for us, let's pray for them!

Fight FOCA

Interested in learning more about what we can do stop FOCA? (the "Freedom of Choice" Act President-Elect Obama has pledged to sign once he enters office that will open to doors to abortion in all stages and remove further rights for the unborn)
Visit to learn more and sign the petition to help stop this horrid legislation.

Just in time for Christmas

New ads appearing on buses in D.C., just in time for Christmas. Holy cow.

Asia's Gender Imbalance

Here's an alarming article about the gender imbalance in Asia. The attack upon women is being made manifest more and more.

Interesting Site

Slogans for this website have been appearing in trains in New York City for a while now and the response has been amazing. Many people have written to the site and shared their story. If you or someone you know might benefit from visiting the site, click the link above. It's heartening to see more and more people coming out and bringing their truth to the Light.

Panda Ponderings...

This is random but if you haven't seen the movie, "Kung Fu Panda" you might find it interesting.
I am usually not a big fan of animated movies but I really like the story of this one as I think many of us can relate to "Po" a big, fat panda with big dreams but much fear inside.

Po dreams of becoming a brave Kung Fu warrior but because all he sees are his faults and failings, he spends his days working in his dad's noodle shop, all the while languishing for something more. Something happens one day that changes his life (I won't tell you the whole story in case you haven't seen it) but Po has to look within himself and see what is really inside.

I think a lot of us are like that, we look at ourselves with all our limitations, faults, struggles and failings and we say, "me? become a saint? that's impossible." So we spend our days hoping for something more but never daring to give our lives completely over to God and His divine plan for us. …

Cool Video

You might like this one-

From SOLT Priest Fr. Tony Anderson

Blessings and greetings from the northern border of Mexico.Thank you, first of all, for reading my recent emails and watching those pro-life videos that were clear and sometimes gruesome. At first glance, it seems that America made an irremediable blunder on Tuesday. At first glance it seems that many folks voted their pocketbook. The financial crisis dominated the minds of the electorate.Sarah Palin’s Western accent tragically obfuscated her universal values. In short, we are all going to hell in a hand basket – at first glance.Thomas Jefferson said that for a democracy to function, the voting populace needs to be virtuous. If an American ignores abortion, Iraq, Iran, ecology, education and the host of questions that need to be factored in to decide how to vote, and he simply votes for the candidate who will do him the most good economically, then that American is not being virtuous. Politics is about the common good. Who voted Tuesday for the common good with a well-informed conscie…

Election Musings....

Well, as we all know, the United States of America has elected a new President. Here is what some people in the Church are saying about it:

Pope's message to President-Elect Obama

Certain Bishops from around the country

Other Catholic leaders

I was listening yesterday to Catholic talk radio and people were calling in, lamenting the election results and feeling frustrated and down, considering that the US just elected an open and ardent pro-abortion president and few people seem to really notice or care. And though the hosts of the show validated the feelings of these callers, they made a couple of good points that I would like to share with you (not that you asked, it's just my unsolicited advice!)

First of all, the hosts were saying that change begins within ourselves. All of the exterior conflict we see in the world is just a manifestation of the conflict within the heart of individuals. Yes, we complain about a lack of peace and death in our world, and rightfully so, however, ho…

Part 3

Part 2

Fr. Corapi's Eleventh Hour Election Alert Part 1

Here is part 1 of Fr. Corapi's new video on the election and the realities at stake. Very clear, concise, and sobering! Watch it and pass it on!

More from Eduardo Versastegui

Fr. John Corapi

SOLT priest Fr. John Corapi is urging everyone to take part in a Rosary Novena leading up to the Nov. 4th. Election. Find out more here

Eduardo Verastegui

Life News

For those of you interested on up to date information on the pro-life front (and considering this coming huge election, we all have to be) check out this site

40 Days For Life

Here's an interview on the important movement called 40 Days For Life. Read it and and click on the 40 days for life website link and get involved!

40 Days for Life Official Website

Grief a natural part of life

Have you ever lost a loved one in your lifetime or know someone who has? Are you or do you know someone who is facing a serious or terminal illness? Here are some websites that may help.

Consoling Grace and Consoling Communities are websites that help people just like you who have lost a loved one or have a loved one in hospice care. Founded by Eileen Geller as a ministry of consolation to those who are grieving or who have questions about end of life care, these two websites provide information, help and an online community of support.

There are many resources such as questions and answers, printable documents on what to ask your doctor when faced with illness and simple words to say to those who are grieving that will really help.

I hope you find these sites as helpful as I do.

Voters Guide for Serious Catholics

A video version of the Voter's Guide for Serious Catholics, can be seen here. Excellent!

Lest We Forget

I am sure you have heard how important this coming 2008 Election is for the United States of America. We need to make our voices heard and vote and speak for the truth, we cannot remain silent. Here are some links that might help get the word out- Excellent Video on the Homepage of this site, see it!

Beautiful Words from the Pope

This is a beautiful reflection by the Holy Father Benedict XVI on accepting the love of God in our lives.

Thank God!

Have you stopped to thank God today? It's so easy to get caught up in our day to day lives and be swept up by the passing current of activity that we forget Who blesses us with every good thing.

One thing Fr. Emmerich Vogt, O.P. always mentions in his talks on the 12-steps is that God wills what is universally good but so often we don't really believe it. Or perhaps we believe it in theory but not in the reality of our lives and so therefore many of us live as practical atheists. And I think I have to agree.

It seems to me that if we really believed that God wills what is universally good, meaning that we are all included in that, then we couldn't help but be open to all the ways that God leads us, guides us and showers us with gifts. It's a mystery really, how we so often want to sit on the throne of our own lives and relegate God to the backseat when we all know what happens when we try to control everything and everyone around us- we experience utter frustration, rese…

Catholics Come Home...

If you or someone you know is Catholic but has left the faith or stopped coming to Mass, you might find this link very helpful-

This beautiful site contains not only testimonies of regular people and their journeys back to the Catholic Church but also video clips, questions and answers and more. It's excellent.

Check it out!!

Our Founder Fr. Jim

Here's a brief teaching by our Founder Fr. James Flanagan! Enjoy!

"Christ Offers Everything"

Here is an account of the arrival of the Holy Father at World Youth Day in Sydney. The Holy Father speaks of how Christ offers everything, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life

It's so amazingly true and timely that the Holy Father speaks of these things. I am convinced more and more that the mercy of God is truly the answer to our problems, trials and struggles. It is only His mercy that heals and binds up all of our wounds, that forgives us our sins and allows us to forgive one another. It's the answer to bitterness, hurt, indifference and confusion. And it's freely offered. God IS love and mercy and as we are made in the image and likeness of Him, we too are called to be love and mercy in relationship with ourselves, those around us and to the entire world.

What a needed mission this is! Come Holy Spirit, Come and transform us, Come and renew the face of the earth!

More Inspiring Words from the Holy Father

This also is great address from the Way of the Cross at World Youth DayJesus Loves those who make mistakes
I love this part of it: "All through the Gospels, it was those who had taken wrong turnings who were particularly loved by Jesus, because once they recognized their mistake, they were all the more open to His healing message. ... It was those who were willing to rebuild their lives who were most ready to listen to Jesus and become His disciples."

Thank you

Thank you to all of you who prayed for Shannon, the niece of one of our friends. Shannon passed away a few days after being in a coma. We commend her soul to God and remember her family during in our prayers during this time. May God bless them and grant them His peace.

Awesome World Youth Day Address

Check out this GREAT address by the Holy Father to the youth at a prayer vigil during World Youth Day. This is TRULY the Good News and words the world desperately needs to hear.

Prayers Needed

One of the parents at our school is asking that everyone pray for the recovery of her niece Shannon who was seriously injured in a diving accident last weekend. Please graciously keep this young woman and her family in your prayers
Thank you-

From Linda:
We need to ramp up the prayers. My niece Shannon is not improving yet. She has been in a coma since last Sunday and tonight we were told that a miracle is needed to keep her system from shutting down. The Dr. gave Shannon a 5% chance to live. We need prayers. Would you please forward this request and to as many people as you can and request that they in turn pass it on to others.

True Perseverance

In a world of overpaid, overindulged and pampered athletes, I just had to share the story of this beautiful woman with you.

16-June-2008-- Catholic News Agency
Heroic Polish Athlete Dies to Save Life of Unborn ChildRome, Jun 16, 2008 (CNA).- Thousands of Poles lined up to say their final goodbyes to Agata Mroz, a young volleyball star who died on June 4 after postponing a bone marrow transplant in order to allow her daughter to be born.At the age of 17, Agata was diagnosed with leukemia. She battled the disease and ended up becoming one of the top athletes in Poland, winning the European Volleyball Championship twice with her country’s team. She joined the professional volleyball team CAV in Murcia, Spain, where she also led the team to title wins. Her struggle against leukemia forced her to take a sabbatical year during which she received many blood transfusions. Thousands of Poles donated blood for her cause. On June 9, 2007, she married Jacek Olszewski. She was too weak to travel a…

More Papal Photos

These photos are from the Mass at Yankee Stadium

5th Avenue Video

Here's a little clip our Sisters took of the Pope on 5th Avenue during his recent trip to New York City!

Papal Visit Photos


Papal Visit

The Holy Father's visit to the U.S. was fabulous. Some of our Sisters went to New City to see the Holy Father and attend the Papal Mass at Yankee Stadium. They returned filled with joy and excitement. I will be posting photos of their trip soon.

Until then, here is an article about the Holy Father meeting with the Youth and Religious in New York.

We love you Pope Benedict XVI!

Easter Blessings

Wishing all of you continued Easter Blessings. We know that wherever sin abounds, grace abounds. Even out of dire situations, God can bring something good.

One of our friends, a young priest suffering from Stage 4 cancer, shared some very interesting insights with us the other day. From his own experience he was sharing that "God protect me" is not the highest form of prayer. He has found in his own suffering that "Lord, may Your will be done in my life" is the highest form of prayer. He shared that we really are in the hand of God, that we might think we are young and healthy, etc. but our lives are really in the hand of God. From this priests' suffering many blessings are flowing. Just being in his presence is powerful, as if you can feel the grace coming from him. It was deeply moving.

Let us keep looking for the good in our lives and all the ways that God blesses us, especially in this Easter Season, every day.

Thankful for Friends

We just a had a birthday celebration here for some of our Sisters and were joined by about 30 of our closest friends and we all had a wonderful time. Friends are a great gift from God. They encourage us, challenge us and just their presence can make life a whole lot easier.
So here's to friends! God bless all of you.

Happy Easter

On behalf of the SOLT Sisters, we wish you a very Happy and Holy Easter. May the peace of the Risen Christ truly penetrate your heart and overflow into your daily life and onto all those whom you meet.

The Resurrection of Jesus is truly the Good News. It's the News that tells us we don't have to remain in the darkness of sin, that suffering is redemptive, that a new day always dawns and eternal life with Jesus is a gift for all.

Jesus didn't promise that following Him wouldn't be difficult, but He did promise us that He would be with us always even until the end of time. We see in Him our sufferings and struggles and His victory over sin and death is truly a victory that has a profound effect on our day to day lives, if only we let it.

May the Light of this Easter encourage you to continue on your path of oneness with Jesus, knowing that He is with you and gives you His peace.

Happy Easter! :)

St. Francis de Sales

Here's an encouraging thought from St. Francis:

“Do not fear what may happen tomorrow.

The same loving God who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and everyday. God will either shield you from suffering or will give you the unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace then and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings.”

Happy Lent!

St. Francis de Sales

Dove Evolution

While I am not advocating Dove products nor any companies they may support, I think this commercial is very telling of the beauty industry--wherein they take an average looking girl and transform her with makeup and computer editing to appear "perfect." Every single image that appears in a magazine has been digitally altered, yet no one tells women this fact. Consequently, women and girls can suffer terrible self-esteem problems when they see that don't look like society's "ideal women" who, quite frankly, does not exist.

Ash Wednesday Message


So here we in the season of Lent. Often times Lent is referred to in a rather negative way, insofar as it is a time of giving things up and going without. And while, yes, this can be difficult at sometimes (okay, a lot of times) we really need Lent. We need time to get away from all the things we make idols of and all the ways we don't see ourselves as we truly are. It seems like we sell out to the world often, trading our true dignity and being for illusion and darkness.

Is there someone in your life that you really struggle to get along with? Someone that you talk about a lot or gossip about? Those situations can be tough. We turn negative and blame these people for robbing us of our happiness, self-esteem and "virtue." Or perhaps certain people get on our nerves and we say to ourselves, "That person is negative, all she does is complain and gossip."

I would say, let us look at ourselves. People, for the most part, are incapable of robbing us of our happiness a…

Happy Lent

Lent is upon us already! Wow! This will be an intense time of allowing Jesus to take us into the desert to speak to our hearts. We have been wounded in so many ways and we turn to so many things for relief instead of the One who is the ultimate Healer. May your Lent be fruitful, peaceful and hope-filled.

God bless you!

Read Pope Benedict's Lenten Message for 2008 here

Fr. Ogie Part II

Part II of an excerpt from Fr. Ogie's day of Recollection talk:

" Life and love co-exist, these are two inseparable realities. Out of His love comes our life, our God lives and loves. Love is giving and receiving. There is often a lack of definition of love- people confuse love with attraction, possession or using. But love is giving and receiving.

Jesus' life-giving act is an act of perfect love. Jesus reunites us with God through His love and through God's love we receive life and become reunited with God once again.
To be united we must give. The opposite of love is selfishness, where we don't give but keep on asking.

How do we have life to its fullness? By living and loving. We can keep on "doing" because we love. Love must be our motivation to keep on living and living is our motivation to love. It is here that we find happiness, in spite of pain and struggles we still find fulfillment.

This is what God wants by His grace, that we become fully alive. The…

Video Clip

Here's an interesting take on the life of Pope Benedict XVI, some beautiful footage, not so sold on the commentary....

Thought for the day

I came across this little reflection that was given to us in Rome by Fr. Rogel Rosalinas, SOLT (who is now the General Superior for the Priests in our community). This was taken from a day of reflection that Father led about 7 years ago.

He says, "There is dulling routine going in today's society, even in religious life. Jesus says, 'I came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.' Things becoming boring when they are not rooted in Christ, who is Life. Because of this boredom, people are being led by evil just to do something. People are searching for the meaning of life. They are searching and saying "what is the meaning of my life?" To enjoy life to the fullest, it must be rooted in Christ. Our God is a God of life, He sent Jesus to be a source of new life.

Many times we become imprisoned and blinded by the pain and suffering in our present lives, we often get so disturbed that we lose hope and stop growing and we feel that there will be no ho…

Sobering thought

It's always rather sobering and makes one reflect on their own life when the Holy Father speaks of something being at an "emergency level".

I think it would be difficult for people in the world today to say, if they really reflected upon it, that life is the same as it always has been. Yes, humans throughout the centuries have always had the same basic struggles and so therefore many of the same problems that we face today in 2008.

However, it seems to me, that people seem to be sensing that a decisive time is upon us. Somehow it seems like the things that are happening are very serious in the world and in no other time has Our Blessed Mother appeared so often, as she appearing in various parts of the world, even to this day. Her message is one of conversion, prayer, going to Confession, receiving the Eucharist worthily and offering sacrifices and penances for others still mired in the darkness. Hmm....not something that will be on CNN anytime soon.

As Lent approaches, the…

La Sapienza?

Hmm.... seems like the folks over at La Sapienza University in Rome might want to re-examine the meaning of word sapienza...
We would gladly accept a visit from the beloved Holy Father here in Seattle! :)
in the meantime, they will be in my prayers....

Full text here

Wee bit o' problem...

Oiy! For those of you waiting for some video of the Profession of Vows in Seattle, I am having a wee bit o' trouble since the video of the homily of the Archbishop is too big a file for youtube and google. So I will keep you posted on its' debut soon! ;)
Sr. Miriam

Happy New Year

The SOLT Sisters wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and hope-filled and holy New Year. May Jesus and Mary bless you and give you every good thing.

Read Pope Benedict's new encyclical on Hope here