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On Religious Life

This is a great reflection by Pope Benedict to Religious Women

From Our General Priest Servant..

Here is a reflection from our General Priest Servant, Fr. Rogel Rosalinas, SOLT

"One of the perennial truths and facts of life is the importance of community. We have heard it said that man is a social being, and as such, he can not live in isolation. All fields of human knowledge would agree to this fact: psychology, sociology, philosophy, and even anthropology. They all affirm that man can fully attain all his potentialities only in a community.The late Pope John Paul II, in one of his earlier writings as Archbishop Karol Wojtyła, said that it is only in the context of a community that the “I” can fully live his dignity and calling, because it is only in the community that he can be connected to the “THOU”, and therefore both the “I” and the “THOU” authentically attain their individuality and at the same time their connectedness.
“Witnessing Graced-Friendship of the Trinity Through Our Lady” is, for me, an expression of this perennial truth about being and living …