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Yesterday, Today and Forever

There is a saying that some people often quip, "The only constant thing is change." It's a paradoxical statement, how we all yearn for something constant and unchanging yet on earth all we seemingly experience is change. Many times we don't want change and we fear the possibilities it might bring. Other times we are dying for change and fear the possibility of stagnation. The measure of time marks what changes on the earth. Time marches on. People are born and they die. Empires rise and fall. The sun rises and sets. And on it goes.

Yet, in all this change, we yearn for something eternal. Today was the last day of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. One of the names he is now officially referred to is "Pontiff Emeritus." Tears of sorrow, solidarity and gratitude flowed down my cheeks today as I watched the frail yet adept Holy Father leave his papal residence in Rome, enter into a helicopter and fly over the city in a quiet but marked exit from his authorit…

Intimacy Beyond Measure

The following is a beautiful reflection written and lived by a dear friend of mine, Josh Johnson, from the diocese of Baton Rouge, LA. He will be ordained to the Deaconate in May.

Cardinal Dolan's Audio Link To Press Conference

Cardinal Dolan shares a few words last week on the resignation of the Holy Father-

Thank You Vancouver

I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for all the kindness of the people who came to the teacher's conference and the One conference this past weekend in Vancouver, BC. You are all in my prayers!

The Matt Maher concert was awesome! May God continue to bless Matt and all of you.

Fr. Barron Comments on the Resignation of the Holy Father


Kid President Sings a Song About Love...

cute one-

Kid President Gives a Pep Talk...

Saw this today...thought you all might like it...."you're gooder than that!!!"

Our Beloved Holy Father To Resign

Obviously the whole world has heard about this. I will write more later....

Understanding Our Lives...

The following is a beautiful Lenten reflection from Sr. Anne Marie Walsh, our General Superior-