Monday, August 27, 2012

Republican Women for Obama?

This new anti-Romney ad is so full of lies, I need my barfing emoticon. We as women need to study the issues of what it really means to be "pro-woman". We are so misled.

Go See 2016

This year's election is critical to the future of our country. If you havent seen the movie 2016, I would HIGHLY encourage you to go and see for yourself.

Bestselling author and Professor Dinesh D'Souza, an Indian immigrant, explores President Barack Obama's past and examines the dreams of Obama's father. In the documentary we hear from Obama's half-brother and also from close friends Obama's father. It is very sobering and fascinating.

D'Souza offers no conspiracy theories or mad-cap ideas but a realistc protrayal of what has happened in the past and what may come in the future.

It's worth the time to see this movie no matter what you may have heard from other people. Check it our for yourself and decide.

See the trailer below-

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Heartfelt Thank You...

My deep gratitude goes out to all of those who attended the gathering on Sunday afternoon.

Thank you so very much for making that day so special.

You are all in my heart and prayers and you are much loved! :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Misty and Kerri Win Gold; I Cry My Eyes Out...

AP photo
As much as the tiny little bikinis worn by most of the women beach volleyball players irked me to the  very end, I freely admit that I cried my eyes out watching Misty May and Kerri Walsh win an unprecedented third gold medal in Olympic beach volleyball.

It was beautiful to watch them continue to battle every opponent and never give up. They never gave up no matter what the score was. It was inspiring to behold.

All those years of work, sacrifice and struggle paid off in every way possible. Misty and Kerri will probably go down as the best beach volleyball team in the history of the game. Amazing. God bless them.

I saw a statistic that one of the Chinese players in the bronze medal match worked out four hours a day, six days a week, 50 weeks a year....for the past 10 years. That's the kind of work it takes to be a successful Olympic athlete.

Imagine if we spent that much time in prayer and serving others!

Kanye Loves Kim...Kind of

A recent headline caught my particular attention wherein the ever present and famous Kim Kardashian was the subject of a new song written just for her by her also-famous boyfriend, Kanye West. (at left)

Now, what woman wouldn't want a song written in her honor, extolling her loveliness and beauty?

Except when the song written for you and about to be released to a global audience is called, Perfect B****.



Oh, yes, Kanye's ode to his beloved bears the title, Perfect B****.

And in case there was any confusion over whom the song was about, Kanye tweeted yesterday that the song was indeed about Kim. Read the whole story here (if you want your eyes to fly out of your head).

Now, even though Hollywood is not the starting place to look for virtue, is this what passes for a compliment these days? Really? Referring to a woman in that regard is a compliment? God help us all.

That Kanye would write a song like this says a lot about him but it also says a lot about what Kim thinks of herself.

Here is a woman who is followed by millions of people and upheld by the media for her gifts of physical beauty. She graces the covers of magazines, has her own TV show and is wealthy beyond measure. Yet, she thinks so little of herself that she allows a man she supposedly loves to publicaly call her a b**** and it doesn't seem to even faze her (after the song was released, she tweeted that she missed her "prince").

Why would Kim not only tolerate but embrace that kind of bad behavior and disrespect? Because of the attention it brings to her? Or perhaps maybe she believes deep within that she doesn't deserve any better? Sad, sad.

And this is what we call a lifestyle of success and happiness? No way. It's a total lie.

I was unloading my thoughts about this sad reality to one of my friends who is a seminarian and he astutely pointed out, "That situation is the result of accepting contraception and rejecting Humane Vitae." I pondered my friend's words a lot and I think they are very true.

Because people have separated sexual intimacy from a marital covenant and openness to life, all that sexual intimacy is seen as is a recreational activity with whom people are interchangeable and pleasure is the only goal.

After being reduced to collection of body parts and an object of pleasure, being called a "perfect b****" to a global audience isn't so daunting.

As I consider my reading audience, I realize I am probably preaching to the choir about this topic but let me say one last thing.

Is chemically or surgically sterilizing ourselves as women really so liberating? Is having Melinda Gates promote more and more contraception and abortion to third-world countries really in keeping with the dignity of women? What, women are so stupid and animalistic that we can't know our own body rhythms and live in accordance with nature?

Sandra Fluke introduced President Obama at a rally today in Colorado. The sign on the podium where Obama gave his speech read, 'Women's Health Security.' Fluke extolled Obama for giving women access to the care they need. Hmm.... Care and security to.....?  chemically sterilize ourselves for free? abort our children and bear life-long scars? Allow ourselves to be used as play things and then discarded when our "use" has worn out? Whee.

Welcome to our fundamentally unreasonable society where truth is proclaimed as falsehood and falsehood is proclaimed as truth.

I say no to all of the above. Women are competent, brilliant and beautiful. Our fertility is not the enemy, lust and disorder are the enemy. We do not need billionaires and celebrities to tell us what is in our best interest and what we really want.

The true answer rests deeply within our own hearts where Catholic philosopher Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, whose feast day is tomorrow) says that "the question [of who we really are] is answered once and for all by the one who is drawn by God himself into the soul's own inmost region and has surrendered there in the union of love." The Science of the Cross

Amen to that, Sister!

May St. Teresa continue to pray for us; that we would be restored to sanity, truth and beauty.

P.S.- Kim, dump him.

It's Always a Good Time!

In a very real way, the chorus of this song could be sung in Heaven! That is the only place where we don't even have to try 'cause it's always a good time :)