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Fr. Corapi

Fr. John Corapi, a member of our community, came to Seattle this weekend to give a retreat. One of our Sisters attended and said that hundreds of people turned out to hear one of his last talks before he takes a sabbatical from a active ministry for a while.

One of his main points for the talk was encouraging the praying of the Rosary. He mentioned that the Rosary is our weapon during these trying times. He said to pray, pray and pray.

When Our Blessed Mother appears to people, her message is just that. She invites all people to turn back to her Son. She implores her children to repent, turn away from sin, fast, make sacrifices and pray. She gives her protection to those that pray her Rosary.

Our Blessed Mother once mentioned that if you have a hard time believing in her messages, make a Rosary Novena. Pray all the mysteries of the Rosary everyday for 9 days, offering those prayers to the Heart of Jesus and to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment. Try it for yourself and see if your heart c…

Pope Benedict's Lenten Message

Here is the Lenten Message from Pope Benedict XVI. This really gives you something to ponder.

Happy Ash Wednesday

Check out our post on the Thailand Rebirth Center below, it includes a video as well.

Happy Ash Wednesday-

This Lent, let the Holy Spirit lead you out into the desert where He will speak to your heart. When you wake up in the morning, ask the Holy Spirit to prepare you and choose for you whatever He would like to bestow upon you for that day. Sometimes we get caught up in our own things for Lent and forget that it is the Holy Spirit who leads us, not us leading the Holy Spirit!

God has a great gift to give each one of us this Lent. He wants to remind us of who we really are. So often we let the world distract us and tell us who we are and where we come from. Lent is a time in which we draw away from the world and go to a quiet place with Jesus. Ask Our Lady to come and wrap her mantle around you to quiet your heart and mind.

Have a wonderful Lent-