Friday, September 30, 2011

Jackie Francois Is Lovely!

Here is a song that my delightful friend Jackie Francois is singing with a young man named Paul Kim. Jackie is a beautiful and shining example of the purity and joy of God.

check out her website here:

Nike For All Seasons.....

Good one! lol!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Failure at something we try won't kill us. The most important thing is that we get back up and try again.....

A Little Bit Stronger...

I like this honest song by Sara Evans. Who hasn't, at some point in their life, known a similar struggle? Maybe it's not over love but a deep wound or a loss. This is a good song about healing and hope.

The Chastity of Jesus and the Refusal to Grasp...

This article is blowing me away. Incredible, deep and true.....

The Chastity of Jesus and the Refusal to Grasp

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Food Fights Back....

okay, this made me laugh!

Planned Parenthood Being Investigated

check out this new article about the investigation on Planned Parenthood. It's so crazy to me that they even got funding from American taxpayers. crazy. Who authorized that?

Love's Slow Burn...

"Our hearts are restless, O God, until they rest in You..." St. Augustine

How often I have heard that saying of St. Augustine in many different settings. But as I sit here and think about St. Augustine, he knows the truth of the words because he lived a life of darkness and then a life of grace. He knew the restlessness of lust and insatiability it brings.

People often compare love and attraction to a fire and heat. But the burn of love and the burn of lust burn very differently.

Lust can be compared to an explosive and aggressive fire that seeks to consume at all costs. It seeks to fuel itself and sustain itself no matter what the cost. Lust burns hot and spends itself quickly. Whether the lust is for a person or for power or material possessions, lust is exhausting and tiring and loses interest quickly once it satisfies and possesses it's desire. It never satisfies and always remains restless, irritable and discontented.

At the heart of the matter, lust is grasping rather than receiving. Pope John Paul II writes extensively on these realities in the Theology of the Body and Love and Responsibility. Lust seeks to take rather than give. Lust seeks itself rather than upholding the beauty and dignity of the other.

At the end of the movie The Help, Aibileen finally confronts the town bully Hilly and shouts at her, "aint you tired, Miss Hilly? Aint you tired?"

Being manipulative and destructive takes away a lot of energy from a person, and we get to a point from all of our plotting and grasping that we are just exhausted, but will we give it up?

Love burns very differently. It may indeed begin very explosively and hot but Pope John Paul II says that that attraction is only the "raw material" of love and not love itself. For love to truly develop and grow, it must penetrate the feelings and transform the will. Love is a choice. Sometimes love is accompanied by feelings that move us along pleasantly and sometimes we are confronted by feelings wherein we must choose to stay faithful and true because that is true love.

And all the while, love just burns deeper and deeper. It continues to seek the mystery of the person and behold their beauty. It burns the reflection of the other into ones heart and allows us to entrust ourselves to the other.

I think this is the kind of love St. Augustine speaks of. St. Augustine knows that it is Jesus who is lover of our souls. And even in true love, there still is an element of longing, as in a desire to know and love the other more deeply. Its not the restlessness of of lust but the burning for eternity.

All of us, every single one of us, must enter on the journey of integration of our masculinity or femininity. No one can say, "I'm fine, there is no need for healing or integration within me." This simply isn't true. If we are to live true happiness, which is holiness, then we must enter into the Paschal Mystery with Jesus and Mary. If we are to be radiant and authentic witnesses in this dark world, then we must do the work within ourselves first.

Let us ask for and embrace the courage that the Holy Spirit pours out upon us, "for God has not given us a spirit of cowardice but of power, love and self-control." 2 Tim 1:7

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Holy Father Speaks Light Into Darkness

Pope Benedict XVI gave an amazing talk to German youth on September 24th in Freiburg, Germany.

At a vigil for the young people, the Holy Father boldly reminded them once again that it is Jesus, not our societal advances, who is light of the world.

He goes on to say, "While all around us there may be darkness and gloom, yet we see a light: a small, tiny flame that is stronger than the seemingly powerful and invincible darkness. Christ, risen from the dead, shines in this world and he does so most brightly in those places where, in human terms, everything is sombre and hopeless. He has conquered death – he is alive – and faith in him, like a small light, cuts through all that is dark and threatening. To be sure, those who believe in Jesus do not lead lives of perpetual sunshine, as though they could be spared suffering and hardship, but there is always a bright glimmer there, lighting up the path that leads to fullness of life (cf. Jn 10:10). The eyes of those who believe in Christ see light even amid the darkest night and they already see the dawning of a new day."

This is incredibly true and beautiful. The world says we should cling to material possessions, self-centered interests and moral relativism. To contradict these "values" is becoming increasingly unpopular and a sure path to criticism and rejection by the world. 

So, we have a choice. What will we do? Will we take the hands of Jesus and Mary and embrace a true and authentic path of discipleship? Or will we sink into the background of mediocrity and darkness and the illusion of comfort? 

The Holy Father proclaims, "At this point we cannot remain silent about the existence of evil. We see it in so many places in this world; but we also see it – and this scares us – in our own lives. Truly, within our hearts there is a tendency towards evil, there is selfishness, envy, aggression. Perhaps with a certain self-discipline all this can to some degree be controlled. But it becomes more difficult with faults that are somewhat hidden, that can engulf us like a thick fog, such as sloth, or laziness in willing and doing good. Again and again in history, keen observers have pointed out that damage to the Church comes not from her opponents, but from uncommitted Christians. So how can Christ say that Christians, presumably including these weak Christians, are the light of the world? Perhaps we could understand if he were to call out to us: Repent! Be the light of the world! Change your life, make it bright and radiant! Should we not be surprised that the Lord directs no such appeal to us, but tells us that we are the light of the world, that we shine, that we light up the darkness?"

A worthy challenge indeed. Thank you Holy Father for continuing to speak the truth to us and bringing light to this dark world.

And I love this part the most, "Dear friends, Christ is not so much interested in how often in our lives we stumble and fall, as in how often with his help we pick ourselves up again. He does not demand glittering achievements, but he wants his light to shine in you."

Amen. Amen.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder

ohh! Tom Petty AND Eddie Vedder singing "The Waiting" it!!!

The High Cost of "Free" Birth Control

Check out this excellent article regarding the matter of "free" birth control. Very good and reasonable logic.

Freedom of Conscience Violation

Alright folks, here is where we get to work.

Perhaps you read the press release from the USCCB last week regarding new federal regulations that would force insurance plans to cover "all Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity" (as a complete aside, why does the term "reproductive capacity" conjure up images of the Alien movie series?)

This is a very serious new federal regulation that would rob people of their religious freedom. Very. Serious.

We, as citizens of this great nation, still have a chance to voice the truth to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services if we respond by September 30th.

Please check out this link on the USCCB website for more information and instructions on how to effectively make your voice heard.

Consider this very true statement by Blaise Pascal-

It is as much a crime to disturb the peace when truth prevails as it is to keep the peace when truth is violated. There is therefore a time in which peace is justified and another time when it is not justifiable. For it is written that there is a time for peace and a time for war and it is the law of truth that distinguishes the two. But at no time is there a time for truth and a time for error, for it is written that God’s truth shall abide forever. That is why Christ has said that He has come to bring peace and at the same time that He has come to bring the sword. But He does not say that He has come to bring both the truth and falsehood.”

Well said, Mr. Pascal. Well said......

Let's do this, folks.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bear Hug...

Beary giving himself a bear hug-

I wonder if he is trying to tell us something...

Gumby Goes To The Dark Side....

We know that economic times are tough, but when Gumby turns to robbery, it's a serious problem.....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Goatin' Around.....

We met a new friend at the Puyallup Fair yesterday.

We invited him over for dinner but he was reluctant to make a he just kept his eye on us. 

Blues At The 'Bucks....

Saw this guy jamming downtown at the first Starbucks at Pike Place stuff!

Monday, September 12, 2011

SpongeBob In Trouble...

My favorite Sponge is in trouble :(  boo hiss!

read the unfortunate study here.......

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tim Hawkins is hilarious Part 2

Tim sings a hilarious song of things you don't say to your wife.

Tim Hawkins is hilarious

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins sings his version of "Hey There, Delilah" I was literally laughing out loud when I first saw it. Hope you get a smile out of it.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom

To the Woman who embraced and welcomed her destiny,
To the Woman who loves and is loved,
To the Woman who was so open and receptive that she literally conceived God in her womb,
To the Woman who was not afraid to suffer,
To the Woman who is All Beautiful,
To the Woman who receives sinners and clothes warriors,
To the Woman who defends the innocent and unwittingly humbles the arrogant,
To the Woman who protects life and radiates truth,
To the Woman who changed the world,
To the Queen of Peace:

Happy Birthday, Mother.

We love you.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Obituary: The Grill

SEATTLE (SMJ)-- A small crowd of mourners gathered to lay The Grill to rest today. The Grill passed away on Sunday afternoon after a long fight with a bad chef. His demise was documented in a recent post found on an obscure blog.

Fr. Burner officiated over the ceremony and opined on the shortness of life and that cooking temperatures do vary depending on category of meat.

"It didn't have to be this way" one mourner said, "we always loved The Grill. He provided many happy meals. Its a shock that he is gone so soon."

Investigators originally concluded that The Grill died as a result of a cheficide but an autopsy revealed that The Grill died prematurely of natural causes.

"The Grill cooked a lot of high fat food. That, in combined with harsh outdoor patio conditions, well, anyone would have problems." the medical examiner reported.

The Grill is preceded in death by his grandgrill Webber and is survived by four water hoses, three shovels, a leaky fountain and a rake.

The owner of The Grill could not be reached for comment.

In lieu of flowers, beef can be sent to The Grill Memorial Foundation.

No one credible contributed to this report

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fire In The Hole.....

Nothing says Labor Day Weekend like ice tea, corn on the cob and.....when your bbq grill catches on fire.

A helpful math equation: old bbq grill+cracked propane line+beef ribs=big fire :(

Now, in the life of an accomplished grill person, the thought process goes something like this: "hey! the ribs have a lot of fat on them, hey! it's catching on fire, hey! this fire isn't going out like it usually does.....maybe we should try plan B"

But, no, no, dear readers, that would be far too easy and I am only a novice grill nun.

so, my thought process went something like this: "hey! i smell smoke, hey! the fire inside the grill is big! WOW! i really need to get the ribs off the grill (shove aside corn on the cob as our dog becomes quite interested in the unfolding scene and how it might benefit him), WOAH! the fire is still burning even AFTER i turned the gas off and shut the lid....uh oh, fire seems to be getting bigger and bigger inside.....hmm.....there are some competing burning smells here, is that plastic? should i call the fire department and what would i say to 911? something like "hello, my grill is on fire, please come quick and bring some marshmallows?"

Slight panic becomes evident upon my face and I consider running around in circles on the patio, flailing my arms about and shouting like Tattoo on Fanstasy Island, "THE GRILL!! THE GRILL!!"

but that would be worse than asking firefighters to bring marshmallows to our convent.

Dousing a grease fire with the water hose was out of the question (and can I just say that all the while I am battling the bbq burnout, everyone else is in the house, peaceful as ever, thinking that I am grilling them the best meal of their lives.
things weren't looking good.....)

then I remembered our 10 pound bag of baking soda in the kitchen and our dog watched, amused but disappointed that I hadn't dropped a rib in all this commotion, as I ran into the kitchen, yanked the bag out of the drawer, still drawing no attention to the fact that there was a fire on our back patio.

so i proceeded to stuff handfuls of baking soda into the holes of the grill, and stuffed more and more into every opening i could find and then I opened the lid a bit and dumped much of the 10 pound contents into the mouth of the dragon.

Finally, finally, after what looked like a White Christmas in September on the cement, the flames flickered out.
And it was silent.

Unimpressed, our dog got up and began to lick to pavement.

So i got the hose out and sprayed the patio off.

Only then did one of sisters meander outside, looking a little puzzled to see white pavement, me soaking wet and the grill covered in white powder. She didn't ask any questions......

I just smiled.

Happy Labor Day everyone.

(buy some extra baking powder)

And may our grill rest in peace......

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Love Gives Permission...

The relationship of love gives extraordinary permission for life.

Many years ago, I saw the movie Anna and the King and there was one scene that touched me in particular.

When Siam was ruled by the king, he was indeed considered sovereign and all-knowing. No one was allowed to usurp the king in any way, not even by holding their head higher than the king's. The king's servants were all required to bow in his presence, standing was not permitted and no one was allowed to approach the king without being summoned.

In the movie, though, there was one exception-the king's beloved daughter.

In one of the scenes, as the little boys in the school begin to fight, the little girl runs from the school house and into the palace. She doesn't stop on the fringes of the throne room and wait for her father to acknowledge her.

Knowing how much he loves her and delights in her, with confidence she runs past the servants who are all bowing and climbs onto the throne into her father's arms.

Seeing her approach unsummoned in such a hurry, his face is not encased in anger but in deep concern. He scoops her up into his arms, listens to her worries and then carries her out to the school house to see what all the commotion is about.

It's my favorite scene, for love gives permission.

The servants, even high ranking servants, had a very different relationship with the king. They gave the king advice and information and service but they didnt have a relationship of love. Because the relationship of love was not present, the servants were bound to the strict rules. Violating rules of respect meant certain death. The relationship of love changes everything.

Jesus does not call us slaves but friends. He seeks to share His life with us. He seeks this relationship of love with us, where He relates to us in mercy and forgiveness and has literally died for this relationship with us. This relationship allows us to run to Him and approach Him with our worries and sins. He receives us, forgives us and redeems us. Love gives the permission for mercy.

This is amazing and beautiful. We are beloved, loved and lovable because He loves us.

Oh, how He loves us......

Better Than A Hallelujah...

This song always touches me when I hear it. Its deeply beautiful and true..