The Only Girl In The World...

The number 5 song on iTunes most downloaded singles is the new song by Rihanna called Only Girl In The World.

When I first heard the song, I liked it a lot, its a fun song but it was the lyrics that really got me. In the chorus she sings the cry of the human heart- the longing for exclusive love-- she sings (and it's yet another example that the desire for lasting and exclusive love is written in the heart of every person)

"Want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world
Like I’m the only one that you’ll ever love
Like I’m the only one who knows your heart
Only girl in the world…
Like I’m the only one that’s in command
Cuz I’m the only one who understands, like I’m the only one who knows your heart, only one…"

Please notice that, contrary to what society tells us- (that we can be with many people in many ways and it doesn't matter because we have no deeper yearnings), Rihanna is singing about wanting to be the only woman in the heart of this man. She wants to be his exclusive love, to give and receive in return in oneness.

She doesn't sing "please love me like all the other women in your life, compare me to them and love me like I'm just another number" for that is not what the human heart desires. And although the entirety of this song has some disordered ideas in it (which is why i am not posting it here), i just wanted to point out the deep truths in the heart that are never extinguished.

Pope John Paul II wrote, “Young people are always searching for the beauty in love. They want their love to be beautiful. If they give in to weakness, following worldly models of behavior…in the depths of their hearts, they still desire a beautiful and pure love. This is as true of boys as it is of girls. Ultimately, they know that only God can give them this love. As a result, they are willing to follow Christ, without caring about the sacrifices this may entail.” 

 Keep seeking for authentic and true love. 

He will be found when we seek Him.


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