Sr. Mary MacKillop

Australia's first Saint-

One tough woman.....



Genevieve said…
Hi Sr. Miriam!

I live in Australia. I am 19 and studying to be a teacher. I represented my deanery at Mary MacKillop's Canonisation in Rome! A very enriching experience!! I've been going around to parishes in my deanery talking about and sharing my experience.

Mary's official name is Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. She had so many hardships, but put all her faith in divine providence and had great trust in the will of God! She never lost sight of God's divine plan.

So many people I have spoken to feel they can relate with her and are inspired by her, as she knows what it is to really suffer, but also to find meaning in suffering.

A quote from her:
"Look upon your crosses as stepping stones to an eternity of happiness" 28.2.1890
I ask her to pray for me. I say 'Mac your day' when I can see the fruit of her prayers in my life :)

I really enjoy reading your blog and I loved watching your conversion story from the faith on fire conference. Can you please say a prayer for my vocation.

Thank you!!

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