Adventures in Alabama...

I had the awesome and distinct joy of visiting EWTN studios a few weeks ago and recording a Life on the Rock episode. It was simply amazing to see the studios in Irondale and the monastary of the Sisters in Hanceville. God bless all of the people who work for EWTN, you guys are doing GREAT and NOBLE things.

A special thanks to Fr. Mark, Doug, Emily and Jill for your hospitality and kindness and also a thank you to the Sisters who spoke with us for a few minutes at the Monastary, it was a sheer delight to meet you.

Arriving in Atlanta on my way to Alabama, I almost didn't make the flight. We were late leaving Seattle and so I had to, of course, catch my next flight from the opposite end of the airport. When you hear, "this is the final boarding call, doors will close in three minutes", you know you need to step on it- so, uh, I ended up sprinting down the corridor to the flight.

Thank God my little carry on has four wheels (four wheel drive?). For an accurate depiction of my mental state at this time, see picture above-

Anyhoo- made the flight and had an awesome time.

The devastation from the recent tornadoes in area was astounding. I have never seen light posts on the freeway bent in half and 100 foot trees laid on their side with the roots literally pulled out of the ground. Our prayers go out to all those who have suffered in the devastating natural distasters that have plagued the midwest and south in the past few weeks. I cannot imagine what that must have been like.

I took some pics at Mother Angelica's Monastary in Hanceville- the Monastary setting and a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Sorrows. It was so wonderful to have been there and walked the grounds on a sunny and pleasant day.


The Life on the Rock episode will air on Thursday June 2nd at 10pm Eastern time.

It will also replay several times and be archived at

Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for me during this time, I can honestly say that I felt your prayers and I am deeply grateful. God bless you. 


Tony said…
I was so glad that I watched LOTR on June 2. It was so wonderful to see your true calling to God Sr Miriam, you had a "glamorous" life but it was not the "greatness" that you have become to be,I am so proud of you and all the Sisters, nuns, priests ,the whole Catholic Church,it has certainly made me to be a better catholic and my faith,my trust in Jesus, Our Lord, to try to live a life of holiness with God's grace, to achieve my ultimate goal of eternal happiness with our Lord.God Bless you all always.

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