Tyler Hamilton Speaks Out About Lance Armstrong

Tyler Hamilton, another ex-teammate of cyclist Lance Armstrong has come out accusing the 7-time Tour de France winner of using performance enhancing drugs.

I don't know whether Lance did or did not use them but if you read his two autobiographies, both Tyler Hamilton (seen on right, cycling behind Lance in 2003) and Floyd Landis are mentioned by Lance as being friends and confidants of his

It's just too bad that friendships have to be ruined over stuff like this.

Here's the kicker of this article, an excerpt, that speaks to the ridiculousness that many levels of sports have become:

"The  "60 Minutes"  segment, which will air in its entirety Sunday at 7 p.m. Eastern, also includes an interview with another former Armstrong teammate, Frankie Andreu.

Now one of the race directors at the Tour of California, Andreu told Pelley he took banned substances because lesser riders he believed were doping were passing him. "Training alone wasn't doing it and I think that's how ... many of the other riders during that era felt, I mean, you kind of didn't have a choice," he is quoted as saying."

"Training alone wasn't doing it....." that one gets me. This is insane. So being in the most incredible shape of one's life isn't enough to win because other people are using drugs, so everyone has to use drugs and then the whole thing is fake. 

For what? All this destruction, for what?

All of us have a desire to succeed and do well in life, and that is a good thing. but when our desires, for whatever it is we long for, are not moderated and exposed to truth and light, they can easily become deformed and destructive.

I wonder if you asked these guys- would they do it all again?



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