Confusing Pampers Commercial....

This is very interesting. I had seen a really cute Pampers commercial that talks about the miracle of life- and I wanted to post the commercial here, but when I went to look for the commercial-- all I found was this full version that is NOT the one that airs on TV.

In this full version (seen below) it adds in parts about children being born via surrogate (a woman whose womb hosts a child not genetic to her but the combination of a sperm/egg from a donor) and also IVF-- (a sperm/egg joined outside the womb and implanted in the woman) and I found that very off putting.

It's a confusing mix of things, and I think it ruins the commercial. Children are always a miracle, true, no matter how they are conceived, for in the end, God alone creates life and allows life to come to creation.

but we as adults, is having children, when we want and how we want, a right? Is it a right to do whatever we want to get the end result we want? Is it right to take eggs from a woman and join them with a sperm in a science lab, thereby creating a person, and then freeze them for later use? Is it right to place several of these embryos in a woman knowing full well that most of them will die and only one or two will survive, all for the conquest of having our "own children" ?

absolutely not.

God help us all.

We cannot do whatever we want and think there will be no consequences.

I know there is a deep anguish of couples who cannot naturally have children but violating moral and natural law to satisfy a longing will never fix the problem. It only creates further destruction.

I applaud Pampers for celebrating the miracle of life. But what about the right for all children to be born and conceived within the womb of a woman, the safest place on earth?

For an excellent description of this moral dilemma, check out this explanation


Maggie said…
Hi, Sister Miriam. Thank you for posting that article--wow. I don't often think of artificial insemination and in vitro; they always seem like lesser evil than abortion. But the idea of fertilized eggs, aka babies!, being frozen or destroyed hurts my heart.

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