Cardinal Dolan's Latest Letter Regarding HHS: This Is A MUST READ

Readers: Please read the latest letter written by Cardinal Dolan regarding the HHS mandate that has been much talked about in the Church, media and social circles around the country.

On youtube, I posted two videos regarding the mandate and since much of the opposition from the videos had to do with people's disagreement over the Church's teaching on birth control, I see that most of us have fallen right into the trap set by the Obama administration. The trap is this-- get people to argue over birth control vs seeing the deeper issue which is a government takeover of healthcare and the Church.

Mission Accomplished.

The letter by Cardinal Dolan is an excellent explanation of what is REALLY going on. Please read it. Pass it on. Get informed and stay informed.

This is not a joke nor is it something that is going to go away on its own. This is a big deal and we must live in the light and the truth and speak out.


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