Colts Release Peyton Manning

In a press conference not found surprising by many, the Indianapolis Colts released venerable quarterback Peyton Manning.

See Peyton's emotional response here on espn.

To avoid having to pay Manning an additional 28 million dollar bonus, the Colts released the 35-year-old quarterback today, making him a free agent after missing an entire season due to a neck injury.

Manning was one of the most visible NFL players ever and led his former team to recording breaking wins, himself being a four-time MVP.

I feel bad for him. Obviously, if you play professional sports, you have to know that it's a serious business that urges winning at any cost and seems dubious to any sort of personal human loyalty. However, people are people and no one likes to be cast aside when they are no longer "of use." I hope he can become healthy and continue to pursue his dreams. On the other hand, with a serious neck injury, Peyton will really have to discern if its worth it and at what cost.

God bless you Peyton. My heart goes out to you.


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