Dilemma Of Desire

I don't know about you, but Lent is really working on me this year. It's not easy to see your idols, long hidden in the grasp of your hand, revealed in the light of day.

We cling to what we think will bring us happiness or satisfaction, success or intimacy- and while many times these things to which we cling are not bad in themselves, when we place them in front of God and insist on paradise in this life, it creates all sorts of problems.

We bow down and worship that which is beneath our dignity. For what? Fear of loss, fear that our Father will not come through for us, fear that if we want happiness we better provide it for ourselves.

As the Big Book states--we hope to wrest some satisfaction out of life by managing life well.

It doesn't quite work like that- for we were made for higher things.

I am reading a book by John Eldredge at this time entitled "The Journey of Desire". I do not know Mr. Eldredge and I am pretty certain he will never read this blog but if I could say one thing to him I would say, "MR. ELDREDGE!!! Your book on desire is kicking my posterior along the sands in the desert of Lent. For real, you are rocking my world. This book is so necessary but is piercing my soul. Its life-giving and death dealing at the same time. Thank you."


Anonymous said…
Have you read "Captivating"? it's by him and his wife. I really liked it!
Yes, I have read that book and also the one for men, the title escapes my slow brain at the moment. He is a great writer and thinker. love it!

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