Woman Who "Loves Abortion" Reveals Death Agenda

How sad that a woman can be so broken that she openly embraces murder of the most innocent and claims to love it.

Usually we call people like this sociopaths and mentally ill and we lock them away for a very long time to keep them from harming others.

Depravity at its deepest......May God have mercy on her soul.


Timothy Black said…
The journey from a fertilized egg to a child is a gradual process. Any decision on when a 'life begins', other than conception, is arbitrary. If you are pro-life then the logical conclusion is the Church's position that even birth control is immoral.

But people like this woman who think abortion is OK even moral, then the logical conclusion is that one should be able to kill infants as well, for any reason. Some people like Peter Singer already think this.

But the opposing 'opinions' can never be equal. The only reason for abortion is believing people have a right to sex without consequences. Unfortunately for them nature does not go along. It's ironic that being pro-abortion is called pro-choice when the only real choice people can have is whether they're going to have sex or not in the first place.
Mr. Black, very well said. How true it is that the beginning of the entire journey begins with the real choice of entering into sexual activity. The ideas of this woman and others who demand birth control and abortion is a prime example of "self-will run riot."

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Rochelle said…
"Loves abortion??????" God help us! I am going to do two things now: Share this on my own blog, and vomit! (Not necessarily in that order.)
Jane said…
Can't wait to see if this movie is any good :)


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