Thailand Rebirth Center

I know I promised to post the history of our Rebirth Center in Thailand a long time ago. I was so impressed and edified when I went to visit last summer. So, without further adieu, here it is:

"The inspiration for starting a work to help drug addicts in Thailand rehabilitate came to our founder, Fr. James Flanagan, during the decade of the 1970's. By Divine Providence Fr. Flanagan met two young Thai women who began this work for our community and later became Sisters-Sr. Raphael and Sr. Rosaline.

In 1977, the Sisters went with a group of drug addicts for training in the drug rehabilitation program DARE in Manila, Philippines. After two years of training with DARE, the team came back to Thailand and under the direction of Fr. Flanagan, opened the first Center for drug addiction rehabilitation. This first center, named the Rebirth Center, opened on October 6th, 1979 in an unused building of a former school.

After a permanent building was constructed for the center in Chomburg, the resident population grew to what is somewhere between 250-300 teenage boys and men today.

It was decided in the early 1990s to open a separate women's center for drug addiction rehabilitation. This women's center of Bangkla has a current population of around 50-60 teenage girls and young women.

Many different SOLT members have come from time to time to serve in this apostolate. The two centers are the first and only non-government Therapeutic Community Centers in Thailand. The two centers are also members of the Association of International Therapeutic Communities whose headquarters are in New York City.

The life in the two Rebirth Centers is modeled after a family, a school and a therapeutic community. Here the men and women learn and live a responsible way of life with a gradual increase in responsibilities and status. The residents focus on helping each other gain a drug-free life and becoming productive members of society.

The Rebirth therapeutic drug treatment process consists of programs which together encourage the members to develop positive attitudes, healthy relationships, noble ideas, sound values, and mature judgment. These qualities in turn help them to reach emotional, intellectual, and spiritual changes. These changes bring about the integration of the whole person. Some of the programs that bring about this change are individual, group and family counseling, therapeutic workshops, education, vocational training and other support services.

It is a great privilege and joy for all who serve in these treatment centers of Our Lady's Society in Thailand to see afflicted youth come to a new rebirth in their lives and relationships.

Posted below are some of the women from the rebirth center singing a song of welcome:


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