'Bella' is bella...

If you haven't seen the movie 'Bella' yet, I would highly, highly encourage you to go see it!!
I saw it last week and was really edified and touched by the message of the movie. It wasn't overt or in-your-face or cheesy but a story about how two wounded people help heal each other. It was fabulous.

God works like that so often in our lives, He sends people to help heal us. Often we think that the people we meet or live with are in our lives by mere coincidence but that is far from the truth. God loves us so much that He sends people into our lives to help set us free from our own selfishness, woundedness and sinfulness. Especially during this Advent season, God is really working to make straight the paths within our own hearts so that they lead to Him. Many times the paths in our hearts lead to ourselves, other people, money, affirmation, etc., instead of God, in who alone we find true fulfillment, peace and joy.

One of the best things we can ask when a difficult situation or suffering arises, instead of blaming other people for our unhappiness and problem, is "God, what are trying to teach me?" He is always at work teaching us and speaking to us, we only need to have ears that hear. It's easy to fall into a pattern of self-pity and gloominess, where we give our peace away at the smallest disturbance and point the finger at other people as to why we aren't happier, holier, more successful, etc. And the lessons that God is teaching slip by us.

Thankfully, each day that dawns is a new day, full of gifts and graces from God.
Happy Advent!
Go see 'Bella'!!!!!!


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