Easter Blessings

Wishing all of you continued Easter Blessings. We know that wherever sin abounds, grace abounds. Even out of dire situations, God can bring something good.

One of our friends, a young priest suffering from Stage 4 cancer, shared some very interesting insights with us the other day. From his own experience he was sharing that "God protect me" is not the highest form of prayer. He has found in his own suffering that "Lord, may Your will be done in my life" is the highest form of prayer. He shared that we really are in the hand of God, that we might think we are young and healthy, etc. but our lives are really in the hand of God. From this priests' suffering many blessings are flowing. Just being in his presence is powerful, as if you can feel the grace coming from him. It was deeply moving.

Let us keep looking for the good in our lives and all the ways that God blesses us, especially in this Easter Season, every day.


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