Br. Duran Update

Dear Friends,
Here is an update on some of our brothers who were injured in the car accident a few months ago. Many of you have been asking about their status and sending prayers their way. This update was received in January.

"Br. Tristan, Br. Raul and I traveled to see Br. Duran in Denver on Monday and Tuesday of this week. He is getting better and better!

He can't really talk but he tries and we try to read his lips. When we arrived on Monday evening we joked with him and he laughed and listened for about an hour and a half. He fell asleep after lots of smiles. He recognized all of the brothers! Many people are visiting. His mother was quite happy to see us as well. By the grace of God she is doing better. She smiled quite a bit too.

Fr. Glenn is a tremendous blessing. He celebrates Mass everyday in the hospital room for Br. Duran and whoever is visiting. Br. Duran cannot eat or drink but Fr. Glenn sometimes breaks off a little piece of Jesus and puts a drop of His blood on Br. Duran's tongue. Br. Duran of course still loves to pray the Rosary. Many times he will be sitting there with his eyes closed and he'll be blessing himself repeatedly with his arm restraints on.

On Tuesday we were able to hear him a little bit. They attached a talking trachae. He breathed on his own for about 4 hours before he became tired. He still had a fever of 101.3 on Tuesday and the Dr.'s are still trying to discover the cause of the fever. They were going to do a chest x-ray on Tuesday to make sure that his lungs were ok.

Br. Duran is joyful. He always tells the nurse that he is doing great, even when he is in pain. He was delighted to see us and we were delighted to see him. We laughed at some insider novice jokes. One time he even did his little studder (with no noise of course), it was great. He also did a Br. Al impression (of Br. Al impersonating someone else). I made fun of Br. Raul and got him going and those two had their normal relationship. Br. Duran even gave Br. Raul the impatient eye roll a couple of times. Br. Duran was doing all of his normal nervous movements and his great fist pump.

Please keep praying for him. He has a long way to go. The nurses and doctors have said that he wouldn't make it but now he is moving his arms and hopefully his legs soon. Praise God.

It was quite touching to deliver messages from all of you and see all of the people that have visited him. Thank you for taking such good care of our brother.

This is a fantastic hospital as well. There are doctors and nurses in there checking on him at least every 30 minutes.

We stopped in Colorado Springs on the way down to Capulin to Caravan with Br. Chris and Br. Patrick. The Dr. told Br. Patrick that he does not need to see him anymore! Br. Patrick can almost do everything on his own! Fr. Scott played soccer with us yesterday! God is good."

Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers for the brothers and our community. They are must appreciated.


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