Puffy Taco Trauma

You may have heard (okay, you probably haven't) that in the history of the San Antonio Missions minor league baseball team, there has been only one child, ONE, who has ever failed to take down their mascot, Henry the Puffy Taco (seen here in deep thought)

At every game, a young, bright eyed youth is chosen among the screaming throng to RACE THE PUFFY TACO to home plate.

Alas, every child but one, ONE, has tackled the seemingly helpless taco along the third base line before Henry the Puffy Taco reaches home.

Who knows what happened that fateful night when a young Randolph Neuenfeldt failed to pounce upon the squishy entree. Were dreams shattered? Was hope lost?

No longer.

Now as a grown man, Mr. Neuenfeldt was invited back to conquer the one serving he let pass by....would he prevail?

Would he finally conquer the Puffy Taco Test?


Would he suffer Puffy Taco Trauma forever?

Watch with anticipation.......

Dream big, folks. Dream big.


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