Gardasil's Toxic Effects....

There is has been a lot of push these past couple of years by the Merck drug company and certain organizations to administer a vaccine, targeting young girls, called Gardasil.

Gardasil supposedly "protects" young women from acquiring the human papillomavirus (HPV) virus, the most common sexually transmitted disease, that can cause cervical cancer.

 Keep in mind that HPV is an STD, acquired from skin to skin contact. Keep in mind that this vaccine is completely unnecessary because one cannot contract an STD without being sexually intimate with someone. Keep in the mind the message we are giving to 12 year old girls when we vaccinate them.

Now read the truth about the vaccine here. Not only does the vaccine not protect against all forms of cervical cancer, it has seriously harmed and killed some of the young women who received this "safe and harmless" vaccine.

This path of "vaccination" and "safe sex" as a cure for moral errancy is NOT the answer. This is a cheap counterfeit and we are literally killing our kids with lies. We are selling them out. They deserve better from us adults.


Paige said…
I completely agree with you... except for one thing: what about women who may have saved themselves for marriage, but ended up marrying men who didn't? Men who didn't even practice safe-sex and had been (or could have been, as there is no way of knowing in men)exposed to HPV? In that case, would you advocate that a young woman's only hope is to get cervical cancer which very likely will kill her? Would you advocate that she expose herself to a disease since her Catholic morality forbids her to use condoms?
I'm honestly not arguing with you, just wondering. I am a Catholic woman and came against a very similar scenario as the one above when I married. You know what the worst part was? I had to go to Planned Parenthood to get the vaccine because my insurance didn't cover it and I couldn't afford it. I wasn't active in my faith then, so it wasn't as big of a deal, but I did give them money in past because of this.
I disagree with this being given to girls as they enter middle school, but I had to make a choice in this case. I didn't suffer any side effects whatsoever (thank God), but I really wonder how we should be handling this for the women who are forced to make these choices.
Hello Paige, my heart goes out to you in this matter. Yes, it is indeed devastating to save oneself for marriage and then acquire an STD from one's spouse, that is devastating indeed.

My concern is that the Gardasil vaccine is too new to trust and it doesn't protect women against all cervical cancer anyway. Although people have many opinions about this, i have a hard time endorsing something that could end up causing more damage than good.

Condoms don't protect from HPV anyway, as HPV is spread from skin to skin contact and can bypass a condom.

We see more and more the unraveling of the fiber of ourselves and our society as people buy into the lie that they can sleep with whomever and that they "aren't hurting anyone."

It just isn't true.

You might find this thread interesting.

Thanks for reading and commenting. My prayers are with you and your husband.
Paige said…
Thank you for your reply. This is something I have struggled with as I grow in my faith... sometimes I am just not sure how to handle the things that aren't quite so black and white. Since we're all sinners, it's always possible that things happen prior to changing your ways that have long-standing consequences. I'm sure St. Paul had similar issues ;)
I really enjoyed listening to you on Catholic Answers Live (or was it Life on the Rock?) Either way, I love reading your blog. :)
Heather said…
If you read the monograph for Advil you probably wouldn't want to take it either..especially if they detailed the details of every death and failed to acknowledge that millions had taken it to their benefit with no issues at all.

All medicines can have adverse effects. Most medicines have had deaths attributed to them. Does that mean we shouldn't take any medicine or any vaccine? I shudder to think where we would be without polio, diptheria, pertussis and measles vaccines. Just because a bacteria or virus is primarily sexually transmitted (HPV can sometimes be transmitted in other ways) doesn't mean that we should automatically dismiss any effort to prevent that infection especially since acquiring that virus can have fatal consequences.

Just because a particular drug doesn't prevent all cervical cancer doesn't necessarily mean we should not bother providing what protection we can. I'm not going to avoid getting a flu shot just because it doesn't protect me from all flu viruses.

Also, to equate vaccination with tacit permission to have casual sex is, I believe, a big leap to make. Why would we necessarily feel the need to tell our daughters the details of the vaccine anyway? I had no idea what diseases I was preventing when I got my TDP vaccine as a teenager, nor did I know I was on chemical birth control for health reasons. When I did find out it so didn't cross my mind to go out and find a boy( and my mother made it crystal clear that I was not to be on the pills for that reason).

Should vaccination be legally mandated? No way. If you feel uncomfortable with it that is your choice to make.

Should we be leery of big pharma pushing a new drug so hard before its patent expires? Absolutely.

Should we be concerned that there are few clinical trials involving the target age group? Definitely.

Should we ALWAYS be concerned when health products are labelled or hinted to be 'completely safe'? Yep.

Ultimately there are legitimate cons to consider when making the decision to vaccinate, and it is not something that one should take lightly. However, I personally do not believe that it is appropriate to intimate and actively spread the message that a drug is more or less deadly or toxic than thousands of other medications without solid scientific data, and presenting that data in the right context.

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