Restoring Love

Here is brief video from Glenn Beck about the Restoring Love event. See the post below about the song that was chosen as the theme for the event! Awesome!


Just Jim said…
OK Super Sister Miriam!!

I have the impression that Glenn Beck is a nut case. Then I asked myself what information or experience I have to base that impression. All I have is an impression of criticism from other Talk Radio hosts.

I fell into the trap.

While not too wild about him declaring himself the head of a movement, I dont have a real problem with his Restoring Love message.

I listened to his radio show this morning. He was pretty negative and insulting about environmentalists (aka Dangerous Communists) and Sustainable Development. I like the environment and believe the consensus of scientists about Global Warming being a real problem. And dont like personal attacks as a substitute for facts and data.

I will listen to his show more to develop my own opinion. I am not too optimistic but I dont like being manipulated by the Left Wing media hacks any more than those on the Right.

Love ya
Carroll said…
Glenn is not negative he tells the plain and blunt truth with no sugar coating..
The restoring love event was awesome.. It was all about service to others no matter what their political affiliation..

He talked about our founders , the true stories not just the history books.. Glenn never crowned himself king of any movement, in fact he always has said there is only one true king, the lord above..
He has also always said that 'WE WILL BE THE KEY" not him..

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