The Hope For Freedom

I love this tweet posted yesterday by Pope Francis. 

I think one of our greatest fears and sorrows is the belief that we will be forever marked by our past- by what we have done or what has been done to us. Perhaps we fear that "victim", "loser" or "rejected" is our deepest identity. We spend so much of our lives coping and trying to compensate for what we fear might be true. 

Lent reveals the truth. And in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we find that our deepest identity, our deepest calling and yearning, is actually one of relationship- being sons and daughters of God. When we embrace the courage to face our sin and brokenness and receive ongoing mercy, our lives are transformed. 

This is the Good News- that Jesus became man; that God took on flesh. He assumed all to redeem all. 

His life, death and resurrection changes everything. 

We need not remain prisoners of the past. 

We rise to our true identity in the glorious freedom of the children of God!


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