Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Shares His Abortion Sorrow...

The well-known Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler spoke very honestly and candidly in a memoir about the pain he suffered and still suffers over the decision to abort his first child, a baby boy.

Read the article about it here.

How profound the truth that no matter how much money, fame, drugs or promiscuity a person has, it still does not erase the sorrow and truth of a harm done.

Not only are women lied to by abortion providers, who tell them that it's a simple "procedure" that will have no ill or lasting effects but the fathers of the children are told the same thing as well-- and men are often given less space to grieves, especially over an aborted child.

For every woman who suffers an abortion, there is a father left childless as well. This is a gaping hole in both their lives.

May Steven and the woman find peace and mercy.


Claire R said…
Thank you for posting this, Sister! It's real life stories and testimonies like this one that can really touch hearts!
Jane said…
Sr. Miriam James, sending you the story they posted about the women Steven Tyler was with who had the abortion.

She is now a mother, a Roman Catholic and adopted a baby!

Hope you are well!

Jane Spanier
(if you see Sr. Mary Paul...give her hugs from me)

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