Panda Ponderings...

This is random but if you haven't seen the movie, "Kung Fu Panda" you might find it interesting.
I am usually not a big fan of animated movies but I really like the story of this one as I think many of us can relate to "Po" a big, fat panda with big dreams but much fear inside.

Po dreams of becoming a brave Kung Fu warrior but because all he sees are his faults and failings, he spends his days working in his dad's noodle shop, all the while languishing for something more. Something happens one day that changes his life (I won't tell you the whole story in case you haven't seen it) but Po has to look within himself and see what is really inside.

I think a lot of us are like that, we look at ourselves with all our limitations, faults, struggles and failings and we say, "me? become a saint? that's impossible." So we spend our days hoping for something more but never daring to give our lives completely over to God and His divine plan for us. We keep looking for some "secret ingredient" that will make us loveable, "perfect", more talented, etc. And we say, "if only I could..." or "if only that hadn't happened to me I would...".

We don't realize that all we have to do is be open to God and give ourselves to Him and He will lead us along this path. We don't realize that we are already loveable because Love Himself created us in Love and for Love. We don't realize that God's plans for us are far beyond our wildest dreams and more than we could ever hope for. We don't have to compare ourselves to other people or compete with them. We just need to go within and find the Trinity who dwells within us all.

"Nothing is impossible with God." Nothing! Now, that's Good News!


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