Motherless by Brian Gail


Devouring the new book Motherless by Brian Gail was an amazing experience. The second book in this trilogy gripped me from the opening sentences and once again, the unexpected happens. I found the twists and turns surprising and magnetizing.

Set in the present day, the story divulges the latest endeavors of our friends from the first book. We learn where life has taken them, how they have suffered and where they have triumphed.

As we all face, these characters will make hard decisions between wealth and morality, notoriety and justice, life and death. And one of them will pay the ultimate price.

Its not just the story that is so interesting but what I found most gripping and disturbing was the reality of the issue of reproductive technology.

Much of this story deals with the dark side of reproductive technology and Mr. Gail has done an amazing job researching and writing about things that are indeed happening.

Technology that would have read well in a science fiction book is now a horrific reality in 2010.

It will blow you away.

I highly recommend it for an entertaining but truthful portrayal of the choices we must make, who we will follow and what we are willing to give to speak the truth at all times.


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