Katy Perry Opines About Christianity...

Here's another article about a famous celebrity, voicing her discontent with Christianity. Katy Perry is a well-known singer who grew up with a father who was a Pastor.

Reading this article about her makes me sad- it makes me sad that she feels that Christianity "stole" her childhood and that she learned about sexuality from Planned Parenthood. Yikes.

I wonder what went wrong?


Anonymous said…
Taking her feelings at her word: "Christianity stole my childhood..."
Yes,unfortuneately, I can see how that is possible, if the "Christianity" is not authentic, but stifling instead of life-giving.
On the other hand it could be that the culture she grew up in away from home was more alluringly glamourous than her perception of Christianity, so she blames Christianity. As you say, I wonder what happened? Obviously, she chose not to 'model' Christianity, but the culture she was attracted to. This is happening to many teens I think.
At least Katy did not say "Jesus stole my childhood".


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