Love Reveals Beauty

It's been a very interesting and deeply beautiful summer! I have much to be grateful for and hope to share some things I learned and some experiences I had over the summer for those who would like to read about it :)

Wishing all of you a happy and blessed return to school year and the regular routine of life, which- if you really think about it, isnt regular at all. New adventures happen every day, if we have the eyes to see.

Fr. Pinto came to our parish yesterday and gave a talk about intercessory prayer. It rocked.

One thing he talked about was that the key to intercessory prayer is having the heart of Jesus and Jesus is a Man who loves. His love transforms people.

Then Father said, "Love reveals beauty. When we love someone, we find the beauty in them." This is why Jesus finds us beautiful, because He is Love.

I thought about this profound reality all day long. It reminded me of the powerful truth in the children's story- Beauty and the Beast.

Perhaps we think it's just a cute story about a beautiful maiden, a scary beast and some talkative furniture. But there is so much more to it than that--

In the story find that Belle has accepted the consequence of being a prisoner to a "hideous" beast. This beast, a former prince, hates everyone, including himself. He believe he is ugly both inside and out. But then something happens....Belle begins to see the Beast for who he really is, a wounded man who seeks redemption and unconditional love. As she begins to love him, she sees his true beauty. And as the Beast finds himself being loved to the core of his person, it transforms him so much that it restores his humanity.

True love restores our humanity and beauty. Love makes us more humane.

Is it any wonder that the world seeks love so ardently, even if it mistakes it for its counterfeit?

When we love someone, we see beauty where others do not. We see beauty even where the person themselves sees little or none. And this experience of being loved opens our heart and soul and we become more and more human.

Of course, this human love has a deeper echo and origin. The origin is our foundation-- being created by Love, for Love. We were created for eternal love and union. This is our destiny.

We can pray for a deepening of love to see the true beauty of others. Because, truth be told, if we can't see beauty in someone else, it's not their problem, but ours. We can pray for the eyes to see.

May we embrace the grace to make the journey of beauty and truth.


Bridget said…
Father Pinto is in our state!
Hope he makes it up north... his talks at St. Mary's, Anacortes, last summer were a treasure for our whole family!
Anonymous said…
This is lovely thank you

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