Miriam Was a Leper...

I was pondering the readings from Mass today about the situation with Miriam becoming a leper (okay, so it struck a little close to home)

It struck me how TYPICAL this kind of behavior is (not being turned into a leper, mind you, but the behavior that led up to that unfortunate consequence)

So, here we have the brother and sister of Moses: Aaron and Miriam. Their brother was called personally by God for a great mission and he speaks to God face to face as one man does to another.

However, they notice some things about Moses that appear to be imperfect. So they......COMPLAIN! and gossip too. Oh yeah, and they also judge Moses.

They look at Moses' apparent flaw and grumble and say, "is it through Moses alone that God speaks? does He not speak through us also?"

Allow me to translate that into 2011 speak, "who does this guy think he is? look at his personal life! We don't need him, God can use us far-more-perfect people"


So, well, then it didn't go so well for Miriam because God defended Moses and Miriam suffered the worst social disease one could have.

And the something really beautiful happens. Moses has no ego.

He doesn't get "offended" or irritated or rub it in Miriam's face. Moses pleads to God to heal her. He pleads for the health of the one who was jealous of him, judged him and spoke against him.

Wow. How quick are we to do the same? What keeps me from forgiveness so often is my own ego and pride.

In the Gospel, Jesus says that what comes out of our mouths is what defiles us.

Whatever is in our heart comes out of our mouths in judgement and criticism and gossip, when quite frankly, none of that is any of our business.

At the end of our life, we will not be judged by a jury of our peers.

We are not a compilation of other people's opinions of us. just because someone thinks a certain thing about us doesn't make us that particular thing. And conversely, just because we think a certain thing about someone, doesn't make them that particular thing either.

As I pondered this throughout the day it occurred to me more and more how much time we waste judging other people. Often times we are just afraid inside and grasping for control when we pass along negativity.

We are called to more than this.

Perhaps the next time we feel tempted to judge and criticize, we can go to Jesus within and speak the truth to Him of what we are really think, feel and want. We can ask for help, healing and wholeness.

And perhaps the next time we have a chance, we will pardon and plead for the health of those who are children of God, just like us.


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