Love Gives Permission...

The relationship of love gives extraordinary permission for life.

Many years ago, I saw the movie Anna and the King and there was one scene that touched me in particular.

When Siam was ruled by the king, he was indeed considered sovereign and all-knowing. No one was allowed to usurp the king in any way, not even by holding their head higher than the king's. The king's servants were all required to bow in his presence, standing was not permitted and no one was allowed to approach the king without being summoned.

In the movie, though, there was one exception-the king's beloved daughter.

In one of the scenes, as the little boys in the school begin to fight, the little girl runs from the school house and into the palace. She doesn't stop on the fringes of the throne room and wait for her father to acknowledge her.

Knowing how much he loves her and delights in her, with confidence she runs past the servants who are all bowing and climbs onto the throne into her father's arms.

Seeing her approach unsummoned in such a hurry, his face is not encased in anger but in deep concern. He scoops her up into his arms, listens to her worries and then carries her out to the school house to see what all the commotion is about.

It's my favorite scene, for love gives permission.

The servants, even high ranking servants, had a very different relationship with the king. They gave the king advice and information and service but they didnt have a relationship of love. Because the relationship of love was not present, the servants were bound to the strict rules. Violating rules of respect meant certain death. The relationship of love changes everything.

Jesus does not call us slaves but friends. He seeks to share His life with us. He seeks this relationship of love with us, where He relates to us in mercy and forgiveness and has literally died for this relationship with us. This relationship allows us to run to Him and approach Him with our worries and sins. He receives us, forgives us and redeems us. Love gives the permission for mercy.

This is amazing and beautiful. We are beloved, loved and lovable because He loves us.

Oh, how He loves us......


Anonymous said…
Sr. Miriam,

I love your blog! You treat the heart as having so much dignity and beauty. I am a missionary down here in Benque, Belize at a SOLT Mission. Many people here have told me that I am a lot like you. They said we have almost identical stories. Thank you for your witness! Pray for me! Cheers!

Sheltering His Name,
Molly Larkin
Beautiful. Thank you for your post. I really like this one.

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