Obituary: The Grill

SEATTLE (SMJ)-- A small crowd of mourners gathered to lay The Grill to rest today. The Grill passed away on Sunday afternoon after a long fight with a bad chef. His demise was documented in a recent post found on an obscure blog.

Fr. Burner officiated over the ceremony and opined on the shortness of life and that cooking temperatures do vary depending on category of meat.

"It didn't have to be this way" one mourner said, "we always loved The Grill. He provided many happy meals. Its a shock that he is gone so soon."

Investigators originally concluded that The Grill died as a result of a cheficide but an autopsy revealed that The Grill died prematurely of natural causes.

"The Grill cooked a lot of high fat food. That, in combined with harsh outdoor patio conditions, well, anyone would have problems." the medical examiner reported.

The Grill is preceded in death by his grandgrill Webber and is survived by four water hoses, three shovels, a leaky fountain and a rake.

The owner of The Grill could not be reached for comment.

In lieu of flowers, beef can be sent to The Grill Memorial Foundation.

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Melissa said…
You're a goof, sister! *chuckle* RIP: Grilley

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