President Obama Pledges His Undying Support For Planned Parenthood

Wow! who knew that Planned Parenthood was an innocent organization that merely "protects women's health care"??? Gosh, I thought their main cash cow was abortion, the direct destruction of new and innocent life. Hmm....I wonder if that memo got lost on the way the to Oval Office? something else at work?

I think as a nation, we are reaping what we have sewn. We see time and time again in the Old Testament that when the people sinned, God took away their leadership. We did what we wanted and chose the idolatry of ourselves instead of the freedom of the service of God, Our Father. Until we are serious about conversion as individuals in this great nation, we will languish for lack of leadership.

Welcome to 2012.

Let us pray.....


Rochelle said…
Notice that never once in this nauseating speech does he use the word abortion!
I'm sharing this on my own blog.
Sarah Mack said…
Thank you for sharing this video- Looking back I feel like Planned Parenthood " groomed" me much like a sexual predator does. At the age of thirteen my mother sent me to a "sex-Ed" class at our local PP which consisted of giving us a bag of condoms and a business card if we needed any other help. At the age of fourteen PP came to our life science class and told my class that any sexual activity we felt like participating in was ok as long as we felt safe. They had our class laughing when they rolled a condom out on a banana and left us with another business cards....they did not leave without letting us know that all the services were free and totally private, our parents would never know.
When I had my first boyfriend my mom sent me back to PP to be put on the pill. I was praised for being so mature and responsible. At sixteen years old I walked into that PP because I thought I might be pregnant. I was ushered into a room where a woman asked me if I wanted to have a baby at Sixteen and asked if I just wanted this whole nightmare to go away. I told her I just wanted to not be pregnant. She left the room and came back a few minutes later and was told I was 13 weeks pregnant. Because I was so far along they might have to schedule the abortion at another clinic.I told her I was scared and asked her point blank, "Was I killing a baby? She told me not be scared and that they would give me a Valium to calm me down before the procedure and that I was just having a group of cells baby. I was upset that I could not have the abortion right away but having to wait another day was a Blessing. As I left PP I saw a group of women handing out flyers near the driveway and I recognized a woman who I had babysat for. She was a pro-life sidewalk counselor. God's Grace and this woman's courage changed my heart and I never made it back for that appointment. I was Blessed with a beautiful son Zachary who is now 26 years old. I have volunteered in the prolife movement for many years and have spent countless hours in front of PP waiting, praying and hoping that girls will hear the truth about this place.
Thank you Sister, for being a voice for truth. praying for you and all the SOLT sisters.
Anonymous said…
I'm a cradle Catholic..I took my 17 year old neighbor's daughter to PPH, because she didn't want her mother to know that she wanted to get the series of 3 shots to innoculate against the HPV virus.She was a virgin and not sexually active.Our state has a law that does not require a young teenager to get parental permission when it comes to their sexual reproductive health care. Whatever the young lady chooses for herself is her decesion.(her mother is unstable emotionally and mentally)I hve no issues with her trying to protect her reproductive heath.For every bad there is good.

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