"Catholic" House Minority Leader Reveals Her Agenda and Her Ignorance

Check out this horrendous video of Nancy Pelosi supposedly educating women on Catholicism and contraception at the Women in the World Summit held yesterday. AGHHH!!!!! i need another barfing emoticon.

Yet ANOTHER example of misinformation and skewing the issue.

Rep Pelosi: you know very well that this issue is not about the morality of contraception, that is an entirely different conversation that we would be happy to have with you. This mandate is about the government trying to force people of a certain religion (supposedly yours! why aren't you speaking out for the rights of religious freedom?) to go against their conscience in providing something that is harmful to women, children and society.

This is indeed a moment of truth, more than you could ever imagine. 

FYI, before you make jokes about the "rhythm method", you might want to do a little research about NFP, the truth will surprise you.


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