Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson: The Longing of the Human Heart 101

The entertainment world is abuzz with the news that Twlight Star Kristen Stewart has cheated on long-time boyfriend and Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson (couple at left) .

Apparently photographers caught Stewart in several compromising positions with married movie director Rupert Sanders.

Fans of the Twilight series are "outraged" and disgusted with Stewart following her actions. "How could she do it?!?" many exclaim. "Robert Pattinson is so handsome and he loves her, why wasn't he enough?"

It's interesting that little is made of the fact the Sanders is married with children, while Stewart was only dating. In reality, Sanders has far more to lose (below right with wife). He entered into a sacred covenant with someone, and has two children as a fruit of that covenant. He will bear far more weight even though Stewart is more famous.

Yet, what we really see on display is the deep longing of the human heart. Our hearts continually long, no matter what our social position or status is. This isn't a matter of whether Pattinson is handsome enough or Sanders' wife (a former fashion model) is beautiful enough.

Our hearts are made for eternity and the Eternal. Nothing on earth will fully satisfy this deep longing. It doesn't matter whether one is married to an attractive, wealthy spouse or someone less appealing. There is part of our heart that no relationship, no achievement, no recognition or status can fill. Only God alone can fill it. The problem is not the desire and longing, but where we go to try and satisfy it.

In every person's life, there is a moment or series of moments where "the grass looks greener" on the other side of the hill. We look at our life and our hurts and our dismay and think that something else or someone else will complete what we lack. It is a huge temptation to leave behind the commitment already made for a fleeting moment of completion. But it's always an illusion. It never satisfies. And the devastation that those choice create are sorrowful indeed.

This situation happens all over the world, every day. Yet, imagine if it was you on the cover of every entertainment magazine across the world--humiliating to everyone involved. There is no such thing as a private sin. Truly what we do and say in the dark, always has a way of coming to the light and being exposed. And often times, it's in the exposing that great healing can take place.

The more we bring our pain and longing into the open and to the Light, the less we have to medicate it in the darkness. All of us have parts of our hearts that Jesus wants to touch and heal, for we keep them in dark.

When we admit our longing and desire to Jesus, He comes to minister to us there. He isn't afraid of loving us in our strong desires that are part of our beautiful human heart. He also isn't afraid of loving us when we in our weaknesses let our desires go astray and we fall down. He seeks to come and heal us, in all the parts of our hearts- the parts that are noble as well as the parts that are sinful. And we yearn for that redemptive love.

Interestingly enough, Kelly Clarkson released a new song that speaks about this reality- wanting to be loved for who we are, even in our failures and darkness.

The media will have a heyday with this "scandal" of Kristen Stewart and her fans will wag their fingers and judge her. Yet, all of the people involved-Stewart, Pattinson, Sanders, his wife and kids- real people- will be the ones who will sit alone at night and feel the pain of bad decisions.

The old addage is true- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

God bless them all.


Anonymous said…
Great post sister. I wish I had learned these types of leasons at a much younger age as I could have saved myself, and others, a lot of grief.

You write my favorite blog. Keep up the good work. My prayers are with you.

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