Michelle Obama Calls Partial-Birth Abortion a 'Legitimate Medical Procedure' While Taxpayers in Indiana Still Fund Planned Parenthood...

God help us all. Talk about a "war on women". Abortion is pure evil.




Anonymous said…
I am pro-life, but I think that Obama's position is that partial birth abortion to save the life of the mother is a legitimate medical procedure, not that partial-birth abortion in all cases is morally acceptable. Many people who believe abortion is morally wrong recognize the moral gray area when the mother's life and the baby's life can not both be saved.

While particular religious groups may believe that the baby's life should take priority, it is not a priority that can be dictated through law.
Sadly, we have been led astray to think that killing a child to save the life of the mother is somehow acceptable. There is no moral gray area in the abortion, it's always the death of someone.

While a woman can choose to save her own life, she cannot directly end the life of the child, which is what partial birth abortion, or any abortion, does. One can never willingly cause the death of another innocent person.

Partial birth abortion is brutal and barbaric-- a description of the process is found here:

Abortion is never a health issue, someone always dies.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the response. I'd like to pose another question(s) to you. My purpose is to understand better, not to be adversarial.

I believe that suicide is morally wrong. But I would take my life, give my life, whatever you call it, in order to save my child's life (I have two sons). Is this morally gray?

On a related note, I think many women who would choose abortion to save her own life but give her life to save her born child don't see a contradiction. She clearly sees these situations as distinct from each other. Why would that be?

Do you believe that a woman who has an abortion to save her own life, largely in order to be there for her other children, is "willingly" taking the life of her unborn child? Yes, she is making a decision, using her free will, but I imagine that is far more complicated than what "willingly cause the death of another" describes.

I have never been faced with the choice between my own life and that of my unborn child (actually, I have never experienced an unwanted pregnancy), and because of that I have a difficult time making confident assertions about what is "clearly" right. Are there not times when it is best to withhold judgment and leave it to God?

To be clear, I'm not talking about abortion for convenience (as most abortions are). I'm only talking about medical situations.

You are asking very good questions. These are certainly not situations with easy answers. Yes, God has final judgement and understanding on all matters. It is only He who looks into the heart and sees what is within. Only He comprehends the matter completely.

But since we are made in the image and likeness of God, with a rational intellect that is made for and can comprehend truth, we can know the difference between right and wrong.

We as women have been subject to so much propaganda that the child within our womb is somehow a possession or "thing" that can be done away with based on whether it is "wanted" or "unwanted." Somehow if the child is "unwanted" then it can be done away with.

This thought affects how we make decisions. Medical situations that cause danger to the life of the mother are exceedingly rare. But still, can we drectly kill another person, who has their own DNA, destiny and who is always wanted by God? Can we directly kill them to "save our own life?"

The examples you give of someone giving their life for another isn't the same as suicide, technically. If you are exteriorly forced to do something, it isn't the same as willingly doing something.

It is ironic that a woman would kill one child while giving her life to save another. You see, the child who is aborted never "goes away". That child is eternal. The woman suffers from that fatal blow she has inflicted upon her child, and those wounds run very deep.

Obviously, when a woman's health is in danger and she is pregnant, she has serious and grave things to consider. But she can never directly take the life of a child, another complete human being, to seemingly save her own.

May God have mercy on all of us and give us the eyes to truly see.

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