A Day in the Life of a Seminarian

The Seminarians from Mobile, AL put together this humorous (check out the "commercial break" five minutes in! I laughed out loud) and inspiring video about the call to the priesthood. May God bless these young men and all those who are seeking and saying yes to the God's call in their lives.


What a great video. I was called to be a father and husband but I really enjoy seeing young men considering the vocation of priesthood. I pray that my son will consider the priesthood, should God choose him I would be thrilled.
My wife showed me this blog awhile back and I enjoy reading it. How awesome to see young men in their journey towards priesthood. Should God call my son to be a priest I would be very excited. (Don't tell him but I pray for God to call him to the priesthood every Sunday at Mass. He's only two months old...)

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