Letter from the Bishop of Belgaum about Fr. Pinto's accident

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16th December 2011

God’s will have been done in the case of Rev. Fr. Santan Pinto. 

I am sorry to report to you the death of Rev. Fr. Santan Pinto. It was really shocking for us. 

He returned from the States last night and he was travelling from Bombay to Belgaum by car, which was driven by afriend of his in Belgaum. They presumably left Bombay around 10 p.m. and the accident took place at5.00 a.m. in the morning about 30 kms from Belgaum. I visited the spot and saw the body this morning. It looks that the driver may have been sleepy and so banged a pole just before the tollgate. The accident must have been terrible because there are injuries all over the body. The family is still deciding regarding the funeral. I thought of giving you this first information.

We have known Rev. Fr. Santan as a good Priest and a close friend of our Diocese. He encouraged you and the others to contribute for our needs, especially for the training of our Seminarians. May his soul restin peace. Kindly pass on this message to the members of the SOLT ministries.

Yours sincerely in Christ,
(+ Peter Machado)
Bishop of Belgaum


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