A Message From Fr. Pinto

Below is a beautiful Christmas message from SOLT Priest, Fr. Santan Pinto:

"Dear Disciples of Jesus and Mary, Missionaries of Mercy and Friends:

The Lord chooses to hide His greatest blessings. These are seen or noticed by those who seek them.  The wise men sought the Lord and were directed by means of a star. Simeon and the prophetess Anna sought the Lord and the Holy Spirit directed them to come to the temple at the very hour that Joseph and Mary were bringing Jesus to the temple. Zaccheus sought to see Jesus and Jesus went and stayed with Him.
In the Resurrection the women were seeking Jesus. They were told, "Why are you the living among the dead. He is risen as He said." even today we will never find Him in the world with all it's glamour, power and greatness. He will always be found by the little ones in a place that is hidden, poor and simple.

What is important for us this Christmas is to find within our hearts a spark that we should keep working at. Each of us can desire to seek the Lord in our own little ways. Let us try to be creative. Try to spend much time with Mary and Joseph asking them to form your heart so it may grow in this desire to seek the Lord.

Remind yourself that everyone who desired to see Jesus found Him. Learn this Christmas to keep this little candle of devotion burning in your heart!

The patriarchs, the prophets and His leaders were all little and simple men. God chose that His Son be born as a man - in humility and poverty and silence.

Let us use this Christmas season to grow in these three virtues and graces, so that Jesus will reveal His presence to us. We will know this year that Jesus was truly born in our lives by the joy and peace that will accompany us constantly. It is His light of grace that dispels the darkness of sin in us. It is His grace that enables us like Mother Mary to wonder and praise God, and ponder all these words in our hearts.

Even today He hides Himself in the Most Holy Eucharist. It should be our constant desire to come to seek His glory and majesty in these sacramental signs.

In our hearts let us bring all our family members, friends, co-workers, enemies and those we dislike to the Living Manger as we receive Jesus and honor Him in the Blessed Eucharist. Let us ask the Lord that they too share this great desire that fills our hearts to see the Lord and worship Him in the tabernacles of our hearts!

Please share this Christmas letter with your family and friends? Thanks.

Blessings to you, your family and friends for this great and grace-filled season of Christmas! And may the blessings of Christmas continue to guide and protect you throughout the coming year."

With my priestly blessings,
Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT


Karen said…
Fr. Pinto, we thank you for your "yes" to the Lord and His Mother as a priest. We, too, say Yes to His Divine Wisdom to bring you back to Himself.
Bridget said…
Praise God for the life of Father Pinto, and for the way he followed our Lord as a Holy Priest and humble servant. Fr. Pinto left an indelible mark on our family, and we will always remember him.
May he rest in peace with our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

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