Sad Article about Planned Parenthood

I read this story in the National Catholic Register about the Planned Parenthood organization. I already knew the damage that Planned Parenthood does to women so I guess something new like this shouldn't have surprised me but it saddened me to see how women and girls are being taken advantage of for the sole purpose of money and the destruction of life.

Let us pray for all of these people.

Abortion is a very difficult thing to encounter. We live in a culture that tells us we can kill innocent children and that it won't cause any problems or distress later on. However, the deeper we go into this mentality, the more we are finding women who have been devastated by procuring or being forced to have an abortion. Things aren't alright later on. Time doesn't make a woman forget about her lost child. She doesn't just "get over it." And often there is no one she can talk to.

If you have had an abortion, please know how much God loves you and desires your healing and reconciliation with Him and your child. There is hope. No matter how long ago it happened or who you are, there is hope.

Project Rachel has a tremendous ministry to women who have had abortions. They offer healing retreats and people to talk to that understand, are compassionate, and can help. Won't you begin the healing process today?

Visit these links to find out more about Project Rachel-
Healing retreats:

We are praying for you.
God has a great plan for your life.
May God bless you and bring you His peace.


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