Just Because...

Yesterday I saw a very beautiful moment between a mother and her child. I watched a woman who was out walking and she was just beginning to show in her pregnancy.

As she was walking and getting some exercise, I watched her place her hands on her womb and connect with her little baby inside. I could see she was protecting her little baby and checking in with her little baby and this woman just radiated beauty. She was so beautiful.

So to all of you women out there who are pregnant or who have experienced the miracle of birth in your body and soul, I say, God bless you!

You are beautiful!


Patrick Cullen said…
This was a great story. My wife and I had trouble conceiving a child and luckily we had our first child in 2006. Since that time, we've been unable to have another. It broke my heart this past week when my son said, I don't have a brother or sister.

I thank God every day for the gift of our Son and I realize just how precious life is.

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