Planned Parenthood Supports and Advises "Pimp"

This is absolutely outrageous. Live Action, the courageous pro life group founded by Lila Rose, busted a Planned Parenthood employee who gave a man posing as a pimp advice on how to lie about his sex workers, how to keep underage girls in the sex industry without being reported and where to get abortions for 14 year old girls.

Why isn't this on the evening news? We all know what would happen if this were a religious organization that was videotaped saying the same thing. 

Planned Parenthood cares about women?

 Doesn't seem to add up...

tell everyone about this.


Carolyn said…
I found and watched these videos last night myself! Outrageous, like you say, and the same things happened in many other clinics. The abortion video they have on their site was also disturbing.
mikepenney said…
To be fair about this (regardless of what you think of planned parenthood) you should at least mention:
1) The film makers had to visit 12 clinics to get one employee to say these things.
2) the video is cut up in a pretty bias edit to accomplish the goal
3) Planned Parenthood did fire the person.
4) At the same time this was happening (before the tape was made public) Planned Parenthood went to the FBI to inform them about the potential of sex trafficking, and or the potential of the whole thing being a scam... which it was.

The other issue (debatable) remains that when confronted with bizarre stories like this should the employee lead on the people to get as much information about the situation so you can report the people to law enforcement. Because obviously the whole idea of children in prostitution is a crime.

What would you do if you were this employee... I would milk them for all the info I could get so they could be prosecuted.

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