A Deeper Discernment....

There are a lot of things happening in today's world. Many of these things are encouraging us to take a deeper look at many of the realities of life.

President Obama decides to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act

Dr. Bernard Nathanson passes away

Jesuit Seattle University offers Planned Parenthood Internships for students

these are just some of the many, many things happening in the world, but the combination of these three events really caused me to ponder the truths of our lives and our faith.

Why are we here on earth? What does it mean to be human? Can we do whatever we want on earth and find true happiness?

These are deep questions, questions that have spanned the minds of thinkers of the centuries. It seems to me that we must take up these questions anew in our minds and hearts. We cannot be lulled to sleep by the seeming "comfort" that the world offers us- for as Pope Benedict XVI said, "The world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort, you were made for greatness."

We must return to the fundamental truths, the Fundamental Truth, who is the Creator of our existence, Jesus Himself.

In Him we find the answers to what we are really hungering and yearning for.

To be continued....


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