A Priest Responds to the "I Hate Religion" Youtube Video

This is VERY clever! love it, Father. Thanks to Lindsey for sending it to me.

Untitled from John Hollowell on Vimeo.


Melissa said…
Love it! Go Father! And I can see Our Lord grinning in the background:+)
Anonymous said…
This is amazing!! We are so blessed to have such faithful priests in our world today. May we always pray for the increase in holy men and women stepping up to take the call of Christ and spread his message throughout the world!
Anonymous said…
Woohoo! Way to go Father!
Anonymous said…
It seems like we have some sharp judgment and misunderstanding here... kind of ironic coming from a "priest"... maybe you should actually listen to what the "I hate religion" video is saying instead of hearing it with your opinion.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting this video.

Thank you for Father for not apologizing for our Church teachings. I love knowing that we are creations of a loving God!
Anonymous said…
You're all wasting your time with any sort of religion.
Wake you and see science disproves it all!
The bible is a bunch of magic and fairy tales that never happened.
There is zero evidence to support any sort of religion yet science has hard facts to disprove it.
The world is 6000 years old? Come on! Such bullsh*t!

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