'We Will Not Comply With This Unjust Law"

check out this ROCKING letter from the Conference of Catholic Bishops headed up by Archbishop Dolan.
I am so glad they are standing up for what is right and true and encouraging all of us to take a stand.


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that they are standing up to this mandate!
What on earth happened to freedom of religion anyway?
Anonymous said…
Hi Sister! Just wondering if you had heard/seen this about your favorite Starbucks?! Thought you might find it interesting! http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-starbucks-coffee-co.-officially-backs-gay-marriage
.. so disappointing..but cant say that I didn't see it coming as they are "indirect" supporters of Planned Parenthood :o/ Will definitely be praying for Washington!
The Starbucks corporation is notoriously liberal and I find that VERY unfortunate, indeed. They along with Microsoft seem to continually support gay marriage and other unfortunate societal sorrows.
I don't understand the connection and the situation is disappointing.

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