Washington State Has Enough Votes To Legalize Gay "Marriage"

God help us all.....first contraception, then abortion, then euthanasia and legalized physician assisted suicide, now legalization of gay "marriage." 


This is the systematic attack and destruction of the covenantal love of man and woman and the unification of the nuclear family.

These decisions will never bring peace or harmony, they will only wound us ever more profoundly.


pzuiker said…
Hi Sister,
This headline and your reflection again got me thinking. Today we received a wedding invitation and I played back past weddings we've attended and thought of those many relationships. I wondered how those people thought about their commitments now, what they have learned over the years. My wife and I have been together for 38 years and we keep learning how to "be married" each day." Some times the learning is not easy. Gay marriage is not THE ANSWER.
Maureen Angiuli said…
I so agree with your post, Sister. A nation that is determined to be 'politically correct' and 'socially accepting' of any or all of the enemy's "traps FOR our times" is a nation that is dulled and delusional on what their basic human rights are. If we keep on this track, we will "legalize" our place in a living hell today and an eternal hell tomorrow... both individually and collectively as a society. We can not emphasize enough that all of these traps are an absolute attack on the nuclear family, for every 'choice' dramatically effects a family's life.
Nor can we ignore that those who, because of the 'legalized right' make life choices that align with them... are mortally wounded in their souls, are sick unto death and are in dire need of Divine Healing. The sad part is that many won't know it until grief, sorrow, guilt and shame overwhelms their lives! God help them, God help us all!

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