Rush Hammered For Outspoken Comment About Law Student

Rush Limbaugh was hammered today by the right and the left over his comments regarding a 30 year-old law school student who was advocating for free mandatory birth control coverage and lamenting her situation of being at Georgetown University and not being provided with free birth control because it is a Catholic University.

Mr. Limbaugh commented on Sandra Fluke's complaint that she must pay for her own birth control because she attends a Catholic institution that won't pay for her birth control (as I am writing this, I cannot believe these words are being formed by my hands, has it really come to this? a law school student whining that a Catholic institution won't pay for her birth control? nonsense. anyway...). Mr. Limbaugh compared her comments about her behavior to prostitution, and then used a rather inappropriate name to describe Ms. Fluke. You can read all the details here. (link from foxnews fixed)

Should he have called her that name? no. But here is where the whole situation gets me. During a press conference, it was revealed that the White House has taken up this issue and is defending Ms. Fluke as courageous young woman who was just speaking her opinion. President Obama called her on the phone and apologized to her (he seems to be making apologies a lot lately) for the inappropriateness of Mr. Limbaugh's comment and it seems like she is being promoted as the unfortunate victim of right-wing conservatives.

Let's get the facts straight here. This is an agenda that is skillfully playing on the hearts of people. No, Ms. Fluke shouldn't have been called any names. But I don't know how many times President Obama has called Timothy Cardinal Dolan on the phone to apologize for the hatred against the Catholic Church for standing firm on the sanctity of marriage and the right to life.

What about earlier this week when the Huffington Post published a piece that called Catholicism the "The Jesus eating cult of Rick Santorum?" Don't recall hearing any phone calls made over that one...

The whole thing is utter nonsense and the media is INCREDIBLY biased. Is someone standing up for free birth control really so courageous? President Obama told Ms. Fluke that her parents should be proud of her.

Ms. Fluke, my heart goes out to you that someone who is very influential called you a derogatory name. That's not right. However, what you are saying isn't right either. We do not wish to pay for your birth control. If you choose to have sex then pay for it yourself. You are not a victim and this is not about women's health. 
Sleeping around with men is not good for you, if that is what you are doing. That is not good for your health. Your fertility and femininity are not a disease. If you really want someone to pay for your birth control perhaps the men who are so willing to take from you might want to help out. I hope one day that you will see your true dignity and beauty. Seeing you advocate for self-destruction is truly heartbreaking.


Very well put. Thank you for explaining the ENTIRE story on this. I only caught the part about what Rush called her on CNN. Too bad that she is being made into a victim/hero. Thanks for the rest of the story.
R.E.O. Johnson said…
She's fine paying tuition for a private college but not for her own contraception?
Anonymous said…
The second link, the one that said 'read all the details here' didn't work. Can you try to post it again?
Unknown said…
Yes, 'very well put.' Thank you for cutting through the clutter of hyperbole, sensationalism, and shouting to look honestly at the issues.
Blessed Mom of 5 said…
Beautifully said Sr. i do hope Ms. Fluke gets a chance to read it!

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