Oh the irony....this is a very clever video on the irony of "choice" in regards to abortion and light bulbs and soda.


Mikki said…
How very interesting! HMMM! It is sad that these people, who believe they are educated people, are still ignorant concerning what is harmful to the our bodies. There should be no choice on certain products that are harmful to our bodies, but we should have the choice to kill innocent lives, thus harming them, our own bodies - think scars and emotional pain, our families, and the world?! I know I'm preaching to the choir, but, Disordered! Let's pray for all those deceived by this propoganda!
Kelly said…
Thank you so much for presenting this on your blog - I began to see the hypocrisy of this party back in the 90's when Clinton was accused of sexual harassment and the feminist organizations (NOW, etc.) did not come to the woman's aid!! And when Clinton had a relationship with a 21 year old intern and the feminists did not come out in disgust of this powerful man taking advantage of a young subordinate. I was so shocked by this and came to realize that these feminists were not really in the business of helping women at all! Ever since then I've seen this happen over and over - saying they believe something but only for certain people I guess. Or misrepresenting people. Some of the things said about folks in the tea party - that they are racist, violent, evil folks just doesn't hold up when you see them. In fact, they leave a place cleaner than they arrived. They are moms and dads with kids for the most part just wanting government to quit micro-managing their lives. The biggest hypocrisy of all is of course the idea that abortion is good for women's health. What??
Jimmy the Open Minded and Objective said…
Ok, these guys are idiots. And the G.O.P. has no monopoly on lemmings.
Jimmy the Realist said…
However - on a more intellectually honest note - as a Pro-Life Catholic progressive, let me try this on:

I apologize for the huge sentence to follow.

I would challenge Mitt Romney to sign a a simple written pledge, based on the Grover Nordquist tax pledge. It would state that he will veto ANY legislation with Pro-Choice components, and will never nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court who does not sign a similar pledge to overturn Roe v Wade and support any legislation required to eliminate abortion in the U. If he does this, I will not only vote for the guy, but I will camapign tirelessly to get him elected and turn Washington into a Red State.

They dont have to make any promises they cant keep about the outcome. Only that they will do everything they can in their positions to stop abortion.

And if we have to admit to themselves that neither Romney nor the SCOTUS nominees would ever make such a commitment, you will know where the pro-life voters stand. And how we are being used.

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