What Do I Stand For?

I heard this song, Some Nights, #3 on the iTunes chart as of now, yesterday in the car. This really is the anthem of the current generation.

Read the lyrics very carefully. It's a very insightful song into the angst of today's young people. (not a song for children, even though I am posting the clean version here)

Listen for these lyrics-- "what do I stand for?", "I sold my soul for this?", "five minutes in and I'm bored again", "some nights I wish it would all end", "I found a martyr in my bed tonight, she stops my bones from wondering who I am"



JAKS Media said…
I don't understand why musicians put foul language in songs. It does nothing for the meaning of the song. There are a lot of great songs out there that have ruined by foul language.

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