Serena Williams Is Awesome

Serena Williams won her FOURTH U.S. Open title yesterday. This woman is an amazing athlete and competitor. We as women are so often encouraged, it seems, to downplay our strengths and gifts.

Serena makes no apologies for her talent and strength and I love that.

Watch a clip of the match below


Lindsey said…
The man I work for is her fitness coach. It was neat to see his reactions throughout the match and in a sense know somewhat what goes on behind the scenes. It's always encouraging for me, when he talks about his work with her and how everything he does as her fitness trainer is focused on Serena and what's best for her. He's extremely passionate about his work with her.

Often reminds me of how God loves us, how he sees who we can be and unceasingly calls us to strive for holiness, to give our all.

I often read your blog, I've been watching this show on TLC called Breaking Amish and it's about these young Amish kids who decide to leave their communities and go to NYC and I just would love to hear your opinion on it. I think a lot of young people can relate because these young teenagers want to be "normal" so they leave their families and everything behind knowing that by making this choice the community is going to shun them if they ever decide to come home. Anyways, I find it really interesting because the way they feel is very relatable to any young person battling with what soceity thinks is "normal" and what we strive to be everday. Would love to hear your thoughts! Darcee
Sister! I decided I had more to say! I'm so sorry! Though I have to say I was a little dissapointed in TLC taking advantage of these young individuals I just felt watching it like why are you there? Why are you enabling these kids to do this I just felt like I was watching them be violated and for what enertainment? It was really sad. Okay I think I'm done this time :P

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